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08 August 2011

Darkmoon depreciation

Yet another post in a series about darkmoon trinkets.

I like far too much the sight of my own walls of text.  The last post was too ... long? dry? Must write shorter.

All 359 gear prices are heading south, trinkets included.  I have some hope for volcano trinkets (apparently still BIS for many caster DPS specs), and Tsunami for healers has surprisingly strong prices.  The tanking trinket (Earthquake) is no-ones friend even before 4.2 and will only get worse.  Finally Hurricane (in either strength or agility) is ordinary.

As a rule this month's trinket peak price is less than last months.  This month's bottom price is less than last month's bottom price.  I try to sell out of trinkets during the week before the next faire.  I would rather get less and sell out than be stuck with trinkets left over.  I would love to present you with proof, but could not find trinket prices over several months.

PS.  I'm having a .. less than perfect experience setting up scheduled posts.  Anyone else currently using blogger scheduled posts?  Are you having success, or do they just end back up as 'draft' posts?

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  1. Ya, I have made over 1 million gold myself on DMF trinkets since Cata came out... Even managed to still must a profit last month but it's getting slimmer and considering the amount of time and effort it takes to mill/ink everything forthe cards... might not be worth it for me in the future..

    I mean, my profit margin is like 1000g a hurricane deck if lucky... and taking a loss on earthquake therefore only way to make money back is Volcano and Tsunami...

    What still blows my mind is amount of competition still on AH

    I'll prob only pull maybe 50-75k profit this month for the dozens of hours I put into it...

    There ARE more lucrative markets than this in the future...


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