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03 August 2011

Creating Darkmoon Cards Part 1 of X

Darkmoon card trinket sellers generally come in one of two groups:
  • Glyph makers selling cards as a use for surplus inferno inks, and
  • Dedicated card sellers, producing surplus blackfallow inks.
I am firmly in the first group.  There will be other players out there that love darkmoon card sales.  However as I read a lot of blogs, and can't point to a recent set of posts, I will write this up.

First, I create inferno inks out of my glyph making process.  When I originally wrote that I was posting glyphs in the evening with a deep undercut method on a single faction's AH.  Today, I am playing less, and posting glyphs in the morning on two factions AH.

This post is covering the very basics of making Cataclysm darkmoon trinkets.  Future posts will be covering more details. (Peanut gallery - you will be invited to argue about optimising costs & sale prices in later posts).

While card creation can be profitable, it does take an ability to run a large stockpile.

All prices below are taken from theunderminejournal.com - average mean price of both horde and alliance servers at 30 June 2011.

An individual card takes 10 inferno inks @ 38g + 30 Volatile life @ 9g (disregarding 1 Parchment @55s)  = 650g.
Each Cataclysm deck takes 8 cards to make @ 650g = 5440g.

There are 32 possible cards - Ace to Eight:
  • Of Stones.  This makes a tanking trinket - seems to be generally unloved, and mean price 5090g
  • Of Waves.  This makes a healing trinket - apparently Best In Slot for Holy priests (even in 4.2) and OK for other healers, mean price 14,890g
  • Of Embers.  This makes a caster DPS trinket - apparently Best in Slot for many casters (even in 4.2), mean price 10,720g
  • Of the Winds.  This makes either a Strength DPS trinket or an Agility DPS trinket.  Mean prices about the same at 9,226g
This means that the mean price of all Cata darkmoon trinkets is 9990g or about 90% profit on top of costs

However, there are other issues with these cards that I will explore in later posts.
  • You don't get to chose which card you will make.  You might have 50 individual cards yet still not be able to make a trinket.
  • You can only make them 1 week every month
  • They have huge price variations (sometimes it's better to sell mats).
  • Like other 359 epics, they will suffer depreciation.

Postscript : In response to a comment below, I have added this image (can't add an image in a comment).  This is a snapshot from my server's Allaince AH taken today for the volcano trinket.  In all the pricing above I used the average of 'US Alliance Mean' and 'US Horde Mean' from two days ago.


    1. Ha! These are the prices that my server was selling at 3 months ago. Currently the prices are:
      Tsunami 9k
      Volcano 7.2k
      Hurricane 6.5k
      Earthquake 2.9k (and unable to give away)

      Couple those weaker prices, with the inability to sell singles due to lack of demand and lack of interest in the trinkets and you'll see why I jumped out of this market 3 months ago.

      Even with the exodus 3 months ago, I have been unable to sell the single cards that are also always listed because players just do not want this junk anymore.

      I preached get out of the market 3 months ago, and I still haven't sold all of my surplus singles and I've been relisting almost daily for months.

    2. Cold. Thanks for your comment.

      All prices are the average of US Alliance Mean and US Alliance Horde price from theunderminejournal.com taken on 30 June 2011.

      I took a snapshot again just now from http://theunderminejournal.com/item.php?realm=A-Caelestrasz&item=62047, and included its image as a postscript to the main article.

      My calculations are documented in this google docs spreadsheet

      I will be discussing valuations in another post in this series. From the article above : Peanut gallery - you will be invited to argue about optimising costs & sale prices in later posts.

    3. I am in between Foo and Cold on this one.

      Last round of sales was horrible and Musterious Fortunes were tanking so I thought of getting out of inscription altogether as I'd already given up on glyphs.

      But, it appears others felt the same way and supply of the trinkets, and glyphs, are down so I've jumped back in and hope to make many decks for the next Faire.

      Look forward to the rest of your analysis.


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