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04 August 2011

Monthly trinket time

This post is the third in a series on crafting Darkmoon Trinkets

Tailoring has a weekly cooldown, Blacksmiths and Leatherworkers need chaos orb's, Alchemy transmutes have a daily cooldown.  Scribes have the faire.

You can gather your mats, do your crafting, buy and sell cards and even finished decks of the AH, and do this any time.  A finished deck gives you a quest that can only be turned in during one week per month, during the darkmoon faire.  It is this handing in this quest that creates your trinket (and for hurricane - determine if you will have a strength or agility trinket).   For those players who don't attend the faire, its location moves between horde, allilance and neutral venues, and is listed in the in-game calendar.  I live on a PVE server, and it's easy enough to avoid the opposite faction's guards, but it may be worth careful timing or organising a group when the faire is near your opposite faction's cities.

There is a definite timeline to trinket crafting
  • Faire week 
    • crafters are trying to complete the last of their decks and turning in completed trinkets.  
    • There are generally no decks on the AH, and 
    • cheap trinkets start to flood the AH.  
    • Lots of card trading occurs this week.
  • Week after faire 
    • Crafters are trying to offload their trinkets and some are desperately trying to cash in.  
    • Noone is bothering to do much new card creation.  
    • Herb, Inferno ink and volatile life start to drop and I start looking for bargains.
  • Second week after faire : 
    • Desparados have offloaded their trinkets, and what trinkets are left rise in prices.  
    • Some crafting occurs, and Decks start to appear.  
    • People in trade offer (currently useless) decks for usable trinkets.  
    • There are still cheap mats, but will likely disappear toward the end of the week.
  • Third week after faire, week before next one.  
    • Those that have priced their trinkets properly will sell out for the highest prices in this week.  Priced too high and you will be left with too many trinkets.  Priced too low and you will sell out before this.  
    • Some trinkets will be sold out.  
    • You may also be able to pick up cheap finished decks.  
    • Card trading starts.
 Sometimes there is a 5 week month, meaning more mats on the AH, but more trinkets sold out.

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  1. As an alchemist, that explains the spike in herb prices right now. Getting hard to keep stock up. But now I know I should stockpile on the off weeks to help me through the spikes.


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