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26 May 2011

Muddying both ponds

I had officially given up on the Alliance glyph market and moved to horde.  In fact, even now, I am willing to sell my entire stock of glyphs and surplus inks at a reasonable price, along with a comitment to not craft any glyphs for a period (depending on price).

I occasionally to try out the horde market to other markets.  I started it when I was shifting horde <-> alliance only cooking recipees.  Shifting across the neutral AH often works out, sometimes it does not

I have been working on options for glyphs for a while, tweaking stratgeies.  But failing to sell glyphs at 15g gets a bit tiresome after a while (yes - all glyphs really were down around 15g and still not selling), especially when there is this nice horde server just over the neutral auction house.

The problem with giving up on glyph selling, was the excessive stockpile I had, not only of glyphs, but of inks as well.

I had toyed with the idea of moving glyphs to the horde side some time ago, but put it aside.  Darkmoon faire cards are doing OK, but it makes me very uncomfortable.  I will cope with my discomfort, and continue to make them for a while at least.  Breevok blogged about his success in moving glyphs to horde side.  He has a successful racket, being:
(A) he does not make waves
(B) He posts early in the morning, when the rest are still asleep or at work (consequently getting far too many hours without competitors undercutting him).

I generally make waves, for better and for worse.  I am available to post last thing at night, but not generally first thing in the morning.  My method of sales has generally been a deep undercut method.  During the times that I post; I have found that trivial undercut = no sales.  Even with the apparently ever so savage undercutting (i.e. 2 posting cycles) I appear to be 'destroying' the horde glyph market, with a largely underwhelming number of sales.

Breevok was flattered by my imitation of 'his' idea.  I however did give him the 'social' respect of not posting horde side for 6 weeks after his post, in part annoyance at not having done it first.

However, with Arios/b/t afk, Breevok and I both posting horde side only, Moonvengence has dissapeared again, for about 4 days (according to the undermine journal).  He has done it before, so I am unwilling to say that he has left for better markets, or when he will be back.  As Breevok noted, Nevica however, is enjoying the break.

And yes, I did transfer my entire stock (minus some really awful glyphs).  It took a little while to re-build a (small) stockpile of alliance glyphs (still have warlock, warrior and part of rogue to go).  It had been too long since I needed to craft glyphs.  I will attempt to not smother the market; both having a higher threshold and insufficent stock to cover my best glyphs between crafting sessions.  However, I still have zero milling to do (did I mention too many inks?). If Moonvengence (or any other player) wishes to craft glyphs below my threshold, I will more easily withdraw.  There will also be breaks in my posting cycle (mostly real life driven); where prices can reset should others choose it.

As I like my automation tools, I will continue to use Altaholic, KTQ and Gnomeworks.  When I want to craft glyphs for alliance side, I will 'delete' my horde toon (foostrait) from altaholic and craft my few of each glyph (eg /ktq queue 3 glyphs), mailing them to a posting toon.  When I want to craft horde side glyphs, I will hop back onto my horde toon to refresh altaholic (mail, AH, bank - he has no guild at the moment); hop back to my alliance crafting toon and craft away, using ktq to queue my horde+alliance stockpile, and post the surplus via the AH.

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