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11 May 2011

Glyph Q & A

I received a message from the player that triggered my glyph making process series.

Thanks for the article mate. I've been posting glyphs pretty much twice a day and I'm dropping the prices of what they had to lower levels to see how long they want to stay in the market for. So all those 80's I'm bringing down and see if I can push them out so I can reset the market.

I have heard no screams on anguish as yet but I'm sure they are coming.  What are you opinions about picking up low priced glyphs? Most scribes a rent really trying to make money, just levelling and throw them on for low prices, sometimes cheaper then it is to make.

Also I'm building up a Tauren DK so i can herb my own product between glyph resells to drop costs down.  What price do you put on time? As its only time, does it allow you to drop prices lower since costs gold wise are minimal?

Posting twice a day is nice; infrequently enough to be very time efficient; often enough to put thumbscrews on the opposition.  The screams will come. I loved it when I got my first 'your destroying my profits' email.

In terms of buying cheap glyphs, well, I still have 60 glyphs of voidwalker that I purchased before Cata that I really need to vendor. The times to buy cheap glyphs are:
  • When you can't (or won't) make a glyph for that cost
  • When buying a few will reset the market
Be careful when buying out glyphs, and re-read the first post in this series.  Often cheap glyphs come in the pointless, used for levelling inscription category (I think I mentioned glyph of voidwalker above?).  Now if you find a cheap glyph that you can't make or is below costs and you want to increase your stockpile, go for it.

Regarding your levelling DK so you can gather your own herbs.  Really?  Don't.  Seriously.  You will be competing against professional farmers and robots.  My time is more valuable. Now, if you decide to take herbalism while levelling for an XP bonus, I am all in favour of it (also level as blood - very little downtime), but swap out herbalism later (probably for enchanting or jewelcrafiting).  You aleady have inscription - max your gold making opportunities there first; including selling inks, relics and if profitable, trinkets.

If you want to make some extra gold from a gathering profession, take up fishing or skinning (Tol Barad crocks). According to gevlon's numbers, he puts those two professions at about 1,500g/hour.  Less than that, and your opportunity costs are too high.

Looking at wowhead for whiptail, you will pick on average 3 whiptail / node, plus 1 volatile life / node.  Assuming a price of 2g75 and 9g respectivly, you gather 17g25 per node.  My understanding is that each glyph you sell has a much better return than 18g.  Based on these numbers, if you can gather 87 nodes/hour then gathering is equivalent to fishing or skinning.


  1. Hey man, just found your blog. I had looked over it on Flux's list because you're listed as inactive, but you've got some awesome information here. I had a question about the glyph market on your server: how many glyphs do you sell per day? I read all over that people are making upwards of 3k a DAY on glyphs. I was doing quite well with jewelcrafting, blacksmithing, and enchanting mats but wanted to increase my haul so I dropped an unused tradeskill on an alt and power leveled his inscription to 515'ish. While leveling I made the most profitable glyphs where I could so I ended up with very few "junk" glyphs. Put them all up, and I think I might have sold like 10 in a week. Its awesome profit, sure, but nowhere near the 3k per day I see others claim.

    I think my problem is my server is both high population and old, so there aren't as many leveling toons buying glyphs. Do you play on a newer, low pop server?

  2. @Well Dressed Orc

    Caelestrasz/Alliance is an old - medium population server. Maybe not the oldest, but still very well established. A large amount of sales come from alts.

    My sales are dependant on my competition. I am not making that mythical 3k/day profit. Even with highly aggressive competition, only posting once or twice per day, I am still selling 20-30 glyphs/day.

    Your problem with glyph sales is that you most likely have levelling recipees - which have the highest supply/lowest margins (if any).

    Have another read of part 1 of my glyph making series. Work on your daily research (both minor and major) until you stop learning new glyphs. (You might mill northrend herbs for Snowfall ink).

    It will be expensive if you decide to purchase all books of glyph mastery, but depending on the margins on those glyphs (i.e. how agressive your competition is), is potentially very profitable.

  3. Yeah, I made a pretty major breakthrough last night. I was *just* making the profitable ones from leveling. I finally got TSM working and did a glyph scan and found another 20 or so glyphs that would make money and I've already seen an increase in sales and profit. I've been doing the researches religiously and plan a Northrend dungeon glut to stock up on glyph mastery books as they're selling for 800g each...


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