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10 May 2011

Trialling AH as bag space - my glyph making process

I have used various storage strategies in my time : Guild banks (I have a few), mail storage (where you send an alt mail but don't pick it up), alts with full sets of large.  Once I got desperate enough to use the AH as storage - put the items on at just over market prices - if they sold great; otherwise I was only up for the deposit.

One problem with glyph selling is the large amount of bag space it takes up.  Historically I used 3 toons with 4 bags of endless pockets, combined with a few banks spaces for surplus glyphs (where I had more than one stack). 

This was 'obviously' the way to do it, as it was easy to sort glyphs, collect mail and post auctions.  Each toon had 3 classes of glyphs, with the 4th class split over 2 toons. 

But then Moonvengence happened.  Selling all the glyphs on a single toon, 6 at a time, and it appears to be his active toon too - not just an alt.  How can you have 340 bag spaces (one for each glyph) on a single toon and still have room for gear and consumables.  While only he knows how he does it, it is my guess that he does not store any glyphs at all.  I think he maintains at least 4 bags of endless pockets, and probably another bag or two of inks.  I think he keeps a stock of 6 glyphs, all on the AH,  crafting as necessary to top up to 6. 

My guess of his posting cycle is:
  • Empty bags of all non glyph related items
  • Swapping out all normal bags, equipping 4 bags of endless pockets
  • Cancell all undercut glyphs
  • Collect mail untill all bags are full, reserving one bag spot
  • Post all glyphs
  • Rinse and repeat above 2 actions until mail is empty
  • Craft missing glyphs - up to 6 of each.
  • Post missing glyphs
Simple, bag space efficient, and I think I might try to emulate him. I also have toons dedicated to other things and no longer want to allocate 3 bank toons to glyphs.

Of course, I still have more than 6 of each glyph, and I don't cancel undercut auctions.  So for me, I have a bank alt with all bank and toon bag spots equiped with endless pockets, and a private guild bank.  This means that my trial posting cycle is :

  • Sort glyphs in bag ( the genie addon is wonderful)
  • Empty any glyphs on my posting toon, filling bank then guild bank.  To fill the bank I just swap bags; to fill the guild bank, I have to click on every glyph stack.
  • Collect mail until all bags are full, reserving one spot
  • Post all glyphs
  • Rinse and repeat above 2 actions untill mail is empty
  • Gather all my glyphs from guild bank, and post again
  • Swap bags from bank and repost 
  • Again swap bags from bank and repost
  • Swap to my crafting toon, craft missing glyphs and mail them
  • Swap back to posting toon, posting glyphs.
The two time consuming steps at the moment are collecting mail, and swapping toons.  Once I have reduced stocks back to my newly desired levels, I will also need to start milling and crafting (also time consuming); but it will be a while before I need to mill again.


  1. I've been using one toon to post glyphs for a while now using 4 tabs in the gbank to store them in. Rather then sort by class I've started sorting by name as this facilitates the use of macros for mass moving them. Right clicking over three hundred stacks of glyphs can be a pain...

    Deposits everything from your bags to your current gbank tab.
    /run for b = 0, 4 do for s = 1, GetContainerNumSlots(b) do if MerchantFrame:IsShown() then break end UseContainerItem(b, s) end end

    Deposits all items with a certain name from your bags to your current gbank tab.
    /run for bag=0,4 do for slot=1,GetContainerNumSlots(bag) do local item = GetContainerItemLink(bag,slot) if item and (item:find(‘Glyph of D’) or item:find(‘Glyph of E’)) then UseContainerItem(bag,slot) end end end

    Withdraws everything from your current gbank tab to your bags.
    /run for i = 1, 98 do if MainMenuBarBackpackButton.freeSlots == 0 then break end AutoStoreGuildBankItem(GetCurrentGuildBankTab(), i) end

    Thanks for all your informative glyph market posts!

  2. I've been using a single dedicated glyph seller since I acquired enough techniques to move the business off my main seller. I have a bank full of endless pockets, and my inventory as well. Space hasn't really been a problem, and I don't use the AH to store my glyphs. However, to save myself time, I only cancel about once a day. The rest of the day I 'post over' the undercut glyphs, posting two at a time. Over the course of an ideal day I post over 2-3 times, the last before bed, then cancel and begin the process anew in the morning when I have enough tasks around the house to occupy the afk time.

    Personally, posting 6 at a time of 300+ glyphs and then cancelling and reposting all of those multiple times a day seems insane. It would be too much down time at the mailbox.

  3. I use one toon to sell my glyphs. I don't sell every glyph as there is roughly 5-10 glyphs for each class that I don't bother with. I repost 2-3times a night 1-2 of each of the remaining glyphs. All of this fits easily on a lvl 1alt with max bag space.

    On the supply side mt scribe will make glyphs once or twice a night based on what is not posted that has a high price. Making glyphs takes at most 5-10 minutes for the night. It is the glyph made to order style. I find this easier than dealing with a large inventory. The only thing I stock are cheap herbs to mill

  4. 'to fill the guild bank, I have to click on every glyph stack.'

    GREAT addon for that to either the bank or guild bank. Just '/din glyph' for dumping all glyphs from your bags in, and '/dout glyph' for pulling all out into your bags.


  5. i often feel silly maintaining a main/alt for glyphs, it takes between 20 and 40 minutes to repost ~700 glyphs every 2 days, on one character. doing that for 2 alts, would be tedious.

    occasionally i do a cancellation scan, but i give up more often than not and let the market float, as only a small number of glyphs are really changing prices more than 1s on a regular basis, its just that stale.

    plus, it's something i can do mindlessly whenever i'm not feeling like tanking heroics. which if you've ever tried PUGging with CTA, is often.

    TSM, postal, inventorium, merchant pro, altoholic, LSW, panda, combuctor, auditor and genie are really helping to manage the whole issue of inventory and reposting popular glyphs,

    just maintaining a strategic level of popular ink and vellum inventories of <40 bag, >60 bank really cuts down on travel, refilling and repost times, especially with AH posting taking so much time and gold.

    i have not really considered a bank alt/guild to keep ink or glyph stocks up, i try to maintain ~100 of each ink and refill stock from blackfallow/TSM scans after a repost, and due to the inventory, i also put up small stacks of 2-6 inks, regularly, though this is mostly to stop LSW and other profit margin based apps from devaluing mats and dropping glyph prices.

    so, from something which used to be insanely time-consuming, especially milling 30-70 stacks, every week, it's down to 6 hours a week to repost 4 days a week. it's less arduous to keep 700 glyphs in motion, than only posting the moneymaking glyphs, or keeping rarer glyphs stocked, etc, which i used to do with APM, less so with TSM. being able to only make those glyphs with less than 20 stacks already in the AH made undercutting useful as a device, with the same 200 unsellable glyphs continually being cycled, it's the same stagnating problem as pre-cataclysm.

    as for competition or profit, it makes money. kinda. i recognise most of the sellers and their strategies, i'm not mindful enough to change my own to suit, they do just as badly as i do, according to undermine journal's est. sales numbers.

    somehow, i make between 3k and 14k a week, for all the effort involved, but if i'm not careful with mats, i'd lose 10k/week and 100+ glyphs that will never sell.


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