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20 May 2011

JC in 4.2

JC's rejoice - you will have bag space in 4.2

First of all, we believe that cut gems will stack.  Currently, some JC's deliberatly hold low stocks of cut gems, others use mailboxes as storage (if only for expired auctions)

Secondly, we will be getting a 36 slot gem bag (requiring 3 dreamcloth to make).

I will be using my tailor to stockpile dreamcloth again when ever I log on to him.  It won't be a high priority as established JC's already survive on their existing bags, and will get some bag space back simply from stacking.  I do see some demand coming from:
  • the top 4 or 5 gem sellers in your markets buying 4+ bags each, 
  • many 'guild/personal use' JC's will buy a bag as well


  1. Top JC's arent going to buy 4+ bags each, Thats over 120 slots, and gems that now stack. The largest bag space available at the moment is 26x4+16, and JC's can easily manage without stacking gems. Buying 4+ bags is overkill, it's not the glyph market...

  2. As the top JC on my server, I'd say with the implementation of both the bags and stacking gems I will only need 1 bag.

  3. Profession bags also have the convenience of funneling all of your specified profession's mats into the same bag. I guess you can get the same function from a bag mod, but it's a nice convenience if you don't use one of those addons.

    I'm sure it varies by server, but on mine, there's plenty of demand for every flavor of profession bag. I'm pretty confident the new JC bags will move reasonably well.

  4. Yeah, i dont NEED 7 36 slog enchanting bags in my bank, and 2 more on my toon... But i sure do like it, and it makes oraganization, stockpiling and such soo much easier, and my persoanl rating of my personal e-peen goes up, it amuses me...

    If I was in the JC market... I would not buy 4, I would prolly go for 11, 7 in the personal bank, 4 on the poster and maybe even 2 more on a crafting toon, so 13 maybe... stockpiles, organization, ready for the long haul, cata markets, wrath markets, BC markets, RAWR... maybe edit JC bags with big Mining bags for prospecting, organizing and stocking ore... Buy it cheep, but the raid starts in 15... store it to prospect tomorrow, this weekend, next week... But one... Nope, would not be enough for me... Plan to sell a lot of bags if your a tailor, they will sell on newness and novelty alone, cater to more markets. The dreamcloth you stock up will have value as crafted epics or as JC bags...

  5. I have one mining bag on my JC, and will buy one JC bag. Once epic gems are out, I'll probably get a second. Still, profession bags are a long term business. People buy them once in a while, but they will keep buying them for years.

  6. I. can't. wait.

    This is the biggest and best news since sliced bread. Bag space! At last!

    Now they just need to give me more bank space to store my old tier sets...


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