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23 May 2011

Inventing Wheels

The last week has been hectic in real life.  I have not been on much.  At one point,  I was trying to make a weapon enchant scroll for my priest.  After 20 minutes of 'what enchant to make; what are its mats; what enchant was that again?', I decided I was on more than I should have been, and went to bed.

So, this week I have not had the time or mental resources to invent new wheels.  Fortunately, there are wheels that have previously been invented.

I had too much runecloth from the closing days of the Lich King.  So a thanks go to Cold (also a recent addition to the 1/2 million club).  I am converting runecloth into headbands and then into enchanting mats.

I am also tweaking my glyph strategy.  You are an idiot if you take 1/2 hour to collect glyph mail; sometimes getting as much as 1000g in sales (often getting less than 300g).  There is more than one auction house on a server; so if one AH has an average price of 20g, and another AH has an average price of 200g.  I have been posting on the '20g AH'.  Mind you, if I could sell out many glyphs at 20g, I would be content.  As I can't, I am looking for options.
I have recntly tried :

  • Selling raw inks alliance side: Some success, but limited market.  Still worth doing, but at the current rates I will sell my ink stockpile sometime around patch 6.0.  
  • Selling inferno inks horde side.  No good.
  • Selling darkmoon trinkets.  I have some success here, but I don't like the market.  I prefer selling to the M&S market.  I also will buy individual cards from the horde market to complete trinkets.
  • Selling glyphs alliance side.  I am temporarily bowing out of this market.  
Providing I can clear a stockpile, I will be a price follower. In roughly a months time, I may become a price setter, selling into whatever markets I can.

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  1. Just ran Upper & Lower Blackrock Spire yesterday on my pally enchanter a couple times.
    I got the spider pet from Mother Spider and the worg pet from NOT the wolf mother, but a dude in a room called the 'Supply Room'.

    And I got over 20 Large Brilliant shards and some illusion dusts. I made a couple more Crusader enchants to sell since I had some righteous orbs already. Large Brilliant shards are going for 50g a piece on my server.
    There was only one shard on the auction house when I checked.

    Anyway, I may farm Large Brilliant shards to sell on auction house when I run out of righteous orbs. Love selling Crusader enchants for 650 gold!


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