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03 May 2011

My glyph making process - part 1 of 4

This is post is primarily for someone I have regularly run with, who is about to server transfer his scribe.  Those poor glyph makers will not know what hit them. If he changes his mind, I have just released another goblin onto our glyph market. (I would normally claim it's all mine - but at the moment it's more Moonvengence's)

However you may find it usefull too. It is largely an update on a previous post.

The basis of my glyph selling has been :
  • make sure everthing is sold
  • cheaper than the competition  
  • Streamline & automate
  • Sell above cost, but cut costs
Not all glyphs are created equal.  There are two sliders that determine a glyph's value, from worthless to riches.
  • Vendor taught, used for levelling.  (Uggh)
  • Vendor taught, not used for levelling
  • Research based
  • Book Mastery based.
  • (And very occaisonally - can not be taught - Woo Hoo.  Consider this a 'feat of strength')
  • Pointless.  All classes have some in this category.  Only collectors get these. (I am a collector)
  • Situational.  
  • Changed function.  (Whenever there is a release not saying that something has changed, it gets bought a little more.)
  • New.  (You would think that a newly released glyph would sell like hotcakes.  It won't, unless it also hits a category below)
  • Recommended. Either Elitist Jerks or Arena Junkies says this is needed.  Many re-rolling toons get these.
  • Newly recommended.  Elitist Jerks, or Arena Junkies change their recommendation.  It takes a few weeks for it to filter to the masses, but the demand definitly rises.
Now apart from the fact I think a dedicated scribe should simply just learn everything, the gold comes from:
  • Selling research and book mastery; new or recommended glyphs.
  • Selling glyphs that are not otherwise covered by other glyph makers.
    That said, I have only ever worried about supply, if you supply everthing that is profitable, you have demand covered.  I let the market tell me what the flavour of the week is.

    To be continued ...

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