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04 May 2011

Streamlining my glyph making process - part 3 of 4

This is post 3 in a series - about my glyph making process.

Glyph making takes time.  I gripe about it.  Others gripe about how they would like to get out of it, but it has been profitable.

  • Gathering herbs (optional)
  • Milling herbs into pigments. (optional)
  • Grinding pigments into inks (optional)
  • Converting inks (optional).  As an alternative to this step and those above, you may decide to simply buy inks from the AH, or from another scribe
  • Crafting glyphs
  • Posting glyphs
  • Collecting glyphs and sales
  1. Gather your inks.  For this article, I assume you are a good goblin and buy off the AH.  It is easier to buy off your own AH, but keep an eye occasionally on your opposing faction's AH.  If you need help in gathering your own herbs, you will need to read elsewhere.
  2. Milling herbs into pigments.  I use a macro, which I then bind to a key.
    /cast milling
    /use herb1 (eg whiptail)
    /use herb2 (eg icethorn)
    This macro can include about 20 different types of herbs.  It requires stacks of 5.  If you have a different amount of herbs (i.e. 1-4 left over), stick them in a bank, mail them to an alt, or edit your macro. 
    This is time consuming.  You need to use the macro for every mill.  Lag is a killer, so I often do it in an out of the way area.  As a goblin engineer getting to area 52 is very easy, and very very quiet.
    You may need to make sure you have enough bags space to guarantee you can put your milled ink.  It is very anoying to have to thow away a few pigments for lack of bag space.
  3. Grinding pigments into ink.  This bit is also time consuming, but in an AFK type of way.  After your time milling, you have an abundance of pigments, and are tired of your PC/WoW/clicking buttons.  Craft all, and walk away.  Come back after a bio break, cup of coffee, episode of your favourite TV show, or a good nights sleep depending on how many pigments you made.
  4. Converting inks
    You may decide to mill the correct types of inks, or use your Stormwind/Origmar/Dalaran ink trader.  If you are using gnomeworks, you can trade as many as you need with a click of the button from your queued glyphs window.
  5. Crafting glyphs.  This is where I use a variety of addons
    1. Altaholic : Remembers all your glyphs across all your toons, including if you use multiple accounts.  (I have in the past crafted on one account, and sold on another).  
    2. Gnomeworks : I find it a usefull trade skill window, and it works with KevTool Queue (KTQ)
    3. KTQ : A simple addon that allows me to craft all glyphs up to a desired amount, that relies on Gnomeworks, and if available Altaholic

      The process works soemthink like:
      Open inscription (showing my Gnomeworks)
      /ktq queue 10 glyphs
      This means that for any individual glyph if I have (on any toon):
      • 10+ glyphs, I dont queue glyphs
      • 8 glyphs, I queue 2 glyphs
      • 0 glyphs, I queue 10
  6. Posting glyphs : see the previous post in this series.
  7. Collecting glyphs.  This takes a remarkably long time.  I am not posting as much as I used to, but still might post as many as 150 auctions per session.  If you are posting a majority of glyphs, this could easily get up to 600 glyphs.  One glyph seller I mention with alarming regularity may have up around 1800 glyphs on the AH at any given time. At some stage, I will need to empty my mailbox.  
    1. I prefer 3 posting toons - all equiped with bags of endless pockets. Each toon is responsible for posting roughly an equal portion of glyph types.
    2. I use Mail Opener to open my mail.  It will allow me to auto loot all of my mail.  You can adjust it's mail collecting speed.  There is not much point in running much faster than 50 mail per minute as that is the limit of the mail loader.  You can speed it up if you use /reload ui, but the reload can take me 20-30 seconds, and occasionally causes disconnects.

Note: Blogger did .. have fun with me. This post was originally intended to be posted after part 2, and a few bloggers (Shamaenie, and anonymous * 3) called me on it. With luck their original comments will be attached when this post is 'officially released'.


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