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19 April 2011

Coping with deflation

As some of you have noticed, I have not been on as much over the last month or so - both in game, and on this blog.  Apart from a few hours on Plants vs Zombies, and a few raids, I have not had much time in games at all.

Breevok is under the illusion that the Ario* triplets drove him out of the alliance glyph market (language warning).  For the record, the triplets are fighting for scraps.  I used to make a living out of glyphs and was outsourcing my ink making.  Today, I have outsourced my glyph selling, and occasionally dabble in milling.

I have a habit of stockpiling more than I need.  As far as raiding goes, it is fantastic to simply grab a nights supplies from the bank/guild bank, or be able to buy/make in bulk.  For me - making in bulk is time efficient, if sometimes somewhat boring.
 However, with my being /afk so much, my storage is a sad sight.  Items are simply is not worth as much as I paid for much of it.

Crying over it, however self indulging it may be, solves nothing.  I have inks that is now worth around 7g each, and it is now time to start shifting them.

They sell as is, without any further crafting, but not in huge quantities (prices below are for a stack of 3).

I will also be  looking at options.  (Little sparky is misbehaving just at the minute, and the prices below are not quite right, but the idea is the same).

Dont forget about Jessia, but at the moment, but dont just convert inks because you can.  At the moment infernos are less than 10 blackfallows (i.e. discount your blackfallow further if you are desperate), and also consider converting inks down and listing them (if you can't find enough cheap lower herbs).

Finally, you could do what Breevok did - give up on your faction, and shift everyhing to your opposite faction.  There is fun and profit to be had, but I will leave that to Breevok - for the time being at least.

Why am I not just sitting on them, waiting on the price to come up?  Because I don't think it will.  Just after the last darkmoon faire, I saw pages of whiptail at 2g50.  It is now back to 3g65, but I only see downward pressure on whiptail, and hence on Blackfallow/Inferno inks.

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