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07 April 2011

A mislabelled call to arms

Blizzard have claimed they are issuing a call to arms.

They in fact are not.  It is a call to prot, bear, and blood. For paladins, druids, death knights and warriors, this is an out and out social bribe to get you to tank more.

We will find a new 'wave' of tanks that need to learn to play. It is up to the community as to what happens with them. Personally I fear that we will see another 'wave' of DPS geared and talented tanks, sometimes in tanking stances, with more concerns about DPS agro and dying because of it.

For the record, my opinion about the shortage of tanks is that it is the DPS's fault. As a learning DPS you may be told to learn to play, but really no one cares in a 5 man. The only thing that makes it anywhere near a DPS race is healer mana. As a learning or levelling tank, you have to work much harder than DPS to maintain agro. As tank, you need to keep agro off the healer, and stay alive, but most 'leet' DPS want to you keep agro off them too. If DPS are co-operative, tanking is relatively easy. If the DPS does not take a small amount of care they can make a learning tank's job hell. I was that learning tank mid way through wrath. I have the personality to work on the role that I fail most at, so I survived. I now am a 'good' (but not great) tank, but know many players that would rather do anything else simply not to have to fight with their party or raid members.

DPS (whether they know it or not) will be the primary beneficiaries of bribes to tanks, due to shorter dungeon queues. Raiders as a whole will also benefit as they eventually will have a larger group to call on for tanking.

I have an 85 healing priest, an 85 tanking DK, and an 85 warlock. My warlock has stepped into maybe 2 dungeons. The role I currently find hardest is healing, so my priest gets all my current time. The fact that I am sometimes short healers often helps.

DPS - rejoice in your new wave of wrongly geared and inexperienced tanks. They are what means you can run your dungeons with only 1/2 the queue you would otherwise have. Train them well, and help them out. Re-learn crowd and teach your tanks how to not break it. If not, you will find your dungeon queues doubling yet again.

Edit: 'Carrying a tank' by Troll Racials are overpowered (Language warning)


  1. The issue is the shorter queue times from tanks is more than likely going to be countered when they show up, as you stated, in DPS gear or talents. The group disbands and you have to requeue again maybe to see the next group also fall apart.

    So personally I dont see the DPS as being at a benifit due to being subjected to horrible DPS pretending to tank for the goodies, adn truth to tell who can blame them. The rewards are worth putting others through hell it would seem to some people.

    DPS get screwed however due to not having a chance at the goodies on offer and have to go and grind out Strat, MGT and what-not. Pure DPS classes atleast.

  2. Tanks already show up in wrong gear incorrect spec at least this way you should get more people serious about being a tank. Those which aren't serious will fail miserably and hopefully stop.

  3. I have just added a link at the bottom of the main post

  4. In the guild I am in we had a definite lack of tanks to run heroics. We had tanks for raids but were often left with waiting on someone to log on to do a guild heroic. My solution was to offer an incentive for those that were not a tank to tank a heroic instance. If you could tank the heroic with me healing....you were given a gold reward. Additionally there was a draw for them to get an epic item at the end.

    Impact was six new tanks and it is now a lot easier to do guild heroics.

  5. It will just be my luck as a Tank that the mount that I will still never get is the Rivendare Death Charger.

    I have gotten the other dungeon mounts and that is the only one that continues to elude me, now blizzard adds this feature just to give me false hope.

  6. The rewards are BOA, so pure DPS aren't missing much.


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