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24 April 2011

Surplus Stock & ore

Currently I am asset rich, but time and (comparitvly) cash poor.  As I am not on enough to dominate markets (especially glyphs) any more, I am looking again at other markets; especially where I have surplus stockpiles.

Recently I have been looking at my jewelcrafter, both ore (obsidium, elementium, and pyrite), and northrend epic cuts (which I had some left over).

Northrend epic cuts are selling for as much as they did when the lich king was still alive - in the 100-200g price range.  Not as consistently, but much better than something I nearly vendored.  I have not paid much attention to what is selling, but when I am in a position to spend more time crafting will be re-evaluating this market.

Rumour (and datamining by MMO Champion) has it that in 4.1, cut cata basic gems will have a substantially lower vendor value (down from 9g to 75s).  Many sites claim this will be the end of the obsidium ore shuffle.  I (like Breevok) am not so sure.  The consortium's shuffle flow chart has only zephyrite being cut and vendored.  However in the interests of reducing my stockpiles (that I only see dropping in value), I have shuffled my existing ores, and vendored most (but not all) of my zephyrite.  As the jury is out on any possible epic gem prospecting (possibly from pyrite ore), I will continue to maintain my comparitivly small pryite stockpile.  For the gems I did cut, I am selling my perfect cuts via the AH, which seems to be a market with remarkably few players.

I will be spending a little more time going through my professions and stockpiles, looking to turn those stockpiles back into available gold.


  1. I agree with ya. The Obsidium Shuffle is far from dead in my mind. Also, Prncesspwn pointed out a good point in her article yesterday. She stated that, after reading through the patch notes, it doesn't say anything about a decrease to the vendor price of cut uncommon gems. So, who knows! There may be nothing to worry about.

  2. I used a variation of the shuffle in BC and WotLK both to make the large majority of my gold, and neither time did I ever vendor gems.

    The shuffle is far from dead, it will just change - and probably far fewer people will participate, meaning more profits for those of us that are left.


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