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19 April 2011

Here I am worried about deflation, and Breevok gets a cunning plan

I am overstocked for my current inscription requirements - with the single exception of volatiles, watching deflationary pressures.

However Breevok had a cunning plan, and is now selling glyphs on the opposing faction's AH, to much fun and profit.

I have a few predictions to throw out there.

  • Horde side glyph prices will drop, or at least have a full set of glyphs being sold
  • Cael/Horde glyph sellers are not used to sustained, resourced glyph sellers.  They will start undercutting, but are going to have problems.  Breevok has played with glyphs during some very lean times, and has seen many many glyph sellers come and go.  Unless Moonvengence starts selling horde side, Breevok will drive out the competition, and be stuck making glyphs for the rest of this expansion.
  • Millable herb prices accross both factions will equalise - especially Whiptail.  Breevok will be looking at bringing value back from the horde AH, and part of that will be in herbs (which he will have a new demand for).  Currently 1g98 Horde, 3g05 Alliance.  However, Alliance herbs will always be more convenient.
  • Blackfallow ink will drop in price horde side even further, as the existing card makers can no longer unload their stocks of blackfallow.
  • Even more horde glyphs will be sold as Breevok inevitibly increases supply and decreases costs.  There is likely to be some pent up demand, and players will sooner or later realise they can afford those new shiny glyphs.
  • Breevok will probably increase his desired stockpile levels.  How much this means, probably only he knows, but we will be able to tell by any shortage of herbs - especially alliance side. 
  • This one is largely dependant on Breevok, and flows from more glyphs being sold.  As he crafts more glyphs, he will end up with a surplus of Rare inks - including inferno.  Breevok will most likely start selling these, but may decide to craft with them instead.  Either way - there will be an additional supply of inferno ink or it's crafted items.
With the new soak for whiptail (i.e. horde glyphs), things don't seem so bad for my surplus inks after all.

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