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26 April 2011

The sky is falling (or not)

A usually reliable is claiming "Patch 4.1 is almost certainly hitting live realms". For oceanea realms (me included) this means about 8pm server.

As a general rule, now is a good time to re-read your patch notes. It is never too soon to read patch new patch notes.

I have put aside a few extra flasks for a new wave of tanks, and have been sitting on uncut rare gems for a wave of replaced gear from the new 5 man dungeon. I also expect that the tanking darkmoon card to rise in value (historically being a very cheap tanking 'epic').

On my winding down (from a 6-7 days/week player to 2-3 days/week), my primary source of income is from reducing stock levels. 7k yesterday from getting rid of stuff that I am not, and had no plans on using. Most players I know - from rich to poor, have crud filling your banks/bags. There is some point in keeping a bag for momentoes, and I even have a (non-raiding) toon with all those bop 'start a quest' drops for when I get around to it. However, if you don't have a plan to use it, AH or vendor it. Even if you really plan to level blacksmithing on your 10th alt at some stage off in the never never, sell your ore now, and buy it back later.

I am also dabbling in posting glyph inks in stacks of 3, currently at least 7g50 per ink. Not all of the inks are above that price, but genereally there are none of one ink or another. I take perverse pleasure in selling inks above the current price of glyphs.

Finally, I did sell my trinkets that I made all so long ago, and with the exception of one - at a (smaller than I hoped, but more than I feared) profit. I am sitting on my tanking trinket - at first due to being unhappy with the price without a reason, but now because I expect them to be valuable in the next few months, especially as mount collectors start tanking.


  1. this was pointless? thx?

  2. I read that Alto (from altosgoldishadvise.blogspot.com) posts his inks in stacks of 4. They only need three, but in the low-competition market, they're forced (and willing) to buy that one extra.

  3. @anonymous : Pointless to you (and many readers) perhaps. I read a lot of blogs telling me things I already know. However, there are some readers I know that are:
    * gold poor
    * time poor
    * have too much crap in their bags/banks

    For them, this post should hopefully make a point.

    Other readers will know that glyphs are ... not particularly profitable on alliance/cael at the moment. I am making a point that even in these tight markets there is still easy money to be made.

    Finally - I am leaving breadcrumbs; linking earlier posts to posts that are to come.

    For me - these are sufficient points for a post.

    @Frosted: On our server the three ink sets are there to sell to those that can't really do maths. We have 5-7g blackfallow inks; 2-4g whiptail (depending on the day); and an abundance of 20g glyphs. If they could do maths, they would not be buying my inks.

  4. Yes the sky is falling


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