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28 March 2011

When milling is profitable but glyph making isn't

Someone on the internet is wrong. In this sad set of affairs I am rudely dragged away from my very pressing real world existance, but will not rest until I have set the record straight. (And some people think I'm melodramatic).

Lets walk through the steps of milling.
10 stacks of whiptail @ 70g/stack = 700g

I just milled this and got :

Blackfallow ink: 58 * 7.5g = 435g
Inferno ink : 12 * 72g = 865g

Total  : 1300g

So milling - however long it takes - on 10 stacks makes 600g - nearly double your money.  Not bad.  Most boring activity in WoW, but not bad gold.

However, lets assume you can't sell Blackfallow ink at 7.5g, but can sell inferno ink: You still have 5.8 * 72g = 416g worth of inferno inks.

Now, if you are feeling particularly ... something, you will turn 3 blackfallow inks into a 10g glyph.  So your cost (in purely inferno ink equivialent) is 0.3 & 72g + 55s for a parchment or rougly 22g. 

For me - Doing extra work to turn 22g worth of mats into something that might get sold for 10g is strange.  If you wish to be strange - OK.  In the meantime I will find other uses for my inks - even if I just sell them as is/where is.

Coming soon : Where foo is using up a gazillion whiptail - without losing 1/2 my profit.

PS. my blog posts are a little less frequent than I would like - but real life is still ... being unhelpful.


  1. Interestingly enough whiptail is 50g a stack here, and the blackfallow ink is selling for 10g buyout each. I had just noticed that yesterday, then read this today!

  2. I buy all my herbs for glyph making at the proper level (ie. the proper ones that mill for Ink of the Sea etc.)

    I rarely spend more than 5g per ink doing this. I haven't visited the ink trader in ages.

  3. I buy Whiptail for 40-45g(max) I use the ink trader quite frequently unfortunately.

    Not using the ink trader is quite difficult. We just don't have much of a dedicated pre-cata farmer group where I'm from.

    I have my snatch list setup though, so if I see it I grab it. It's not often though.


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