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02 March 2011

Cards, Decks or trinkets?

It is glamorous to have the 'big' sale, but is it always worth it?

Please note: All prices in this document are spot prices, with large amounts of volatility.  I take care but not responsibility.

There are not many trinket makers on our AH at the moment - maybe 10 toons. Admittedly we are mid cycle for the darkmoon goblins, but I have seen one or two players dominate the glyph market which has many more players.  According to the undermine journal, the number of players has not changed much.

Between individual cards and the final trinket, you have a completed deck
This is less than my estimated value of the sum of the individual cards.  Converting cards into decks is a loss (on paper at least).

The final product of the darkmoon cards are (with undermine journal numbers and prices):
The final conversion into decks more than makes up for the loss on cards. 

With the above prices.  I will either sell individual cards, or complete decks and turn them in and sell the completed trinkets.  I will only complete decks during the faire.  I am also buying completed decks for turning in too.

I started off with an investment of about 17k, and ended up with a (potential) profit of 45k.  This is a huge return, and given the difficulties that some players have expressed in selling trinkets, I expect that this level of profit is unsustainable.  There are also new trinkets being released in 4.1 that will also depress prices.

All in all, I am surprised at the value in crafting these cards.  With the reputation reward from Tol Barad being two reputation epic trinkets (one mastery and another role specific), I had expected more players to grind rep rather than pay gold.

But this type of surprises is why I did this research. This is a nice way to make extra gold.


  1. I have looked at what you are doing on my server...but sales of the decks/trinkets are very rare. So many on my server dont seem to have gold for these types of purchases. The tsunami trinket that i bought in the first week was 24k. They continue to list on the AH at 30-40k but no sales per undermine journal. Talking to people that sell them they just refuse to sell for less and yet acknowledge they are struggling to sell them.

    Hope it works out for you.

  2. Right now on my server the decks and trinkets are pretty much non-existent on the ah, there's only been a single strength Hurricane deck for sale and it's been up for the past week.

    I have had some success with selling the individual cards to make the decks though.

  3. I finally unloaded my Hurricane:Agi for 16k a few weeks ago. Thought I'd get 30k but it just never materialized.

    Seems the gap between who we'd like to buy our trinks (rich raiders) and who actually might buy them (poor regular players) is about 10k (give or take).

    Plus we have to be careful bit to hold to tightly onto what we think something should be worth. 30k was what I thought I'd sell mine for but times change. Herbs now are dirt cheap and the cost of making the cards is cheaper as well.

  4. Edit: "careful not to hold too"


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