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15 March 2011

I'm a meglomaniac, and I'm OK

Fishing is too easy.  Fish bite more in stormy weather. Throw a baited line (edit: corrected link) in my direction, especially in inclement weather and I will bite.

If anyone ever tells you that a market is all theirs, they are deluded.  That includes me.  Anyone who genuinely owns a market does not need to tell you. Only those that are insecure or wish they did own a market will make these claims.  That said, the glyphs market is mine, I tell you, all mine. 

I sometimes look to see what competitors are doing, with the aim of increasing my own profits.
  • Could I make more sales?
  • Can I copy a strategy?
  • Are there holes in a strategy?
  • How do I defend a market.

The only time that I look to counter a specific compeititor is where they really hurt my profits.  There have been some toons that I have specifically tracked then adjusted prices. At the moment, untill I find another toon to outsource milling to, I am doing well enough with glyphs.  I have started to raise prices of some of them (where materials are in short supply), still lowering prices on others where I still have too many.

I have a high opinion of my own opinion.  If you ask a question that I feel I can answer, I will answer it.  Sometimes I will give the answer you want (yes I have some mats, or you can find them over there), other times I will provide an answer I think you should have (a link to wowhead or wowwiki/wowpedia).  Something I need to do more is ask leading questions (I do it sometimes but not enough). Some players like it when I provide advice; others loathe it. 

A great thing about vent (and other chat software) is the ability to set up different rooms.  Even before I tried my failed guild hopping experiments, my vent was set up with:
  • A general channel
  • Two party/raid channels
  • A business channel
In respect to those that don't like business, I move down to the business channel and am generally followed by most (but by no means all) players.  In my experience, those that like to learn about different strategies (including gold making) are a larger population than generally believed.

An appropriate way to handle personality conflicts is to provide advice about expected behaviour, and where approprite provide an alternative venue.  On my vent, I have set up a mature language channel so that those that wish to swear without  language warnings can do so without my nagging them.  I personally do not use that room.

PS for raid runners.
I am still /AFK (and have been largely AFK for over a week).  Sometimes storms happen outside of WoW too.  I expect to be back in by the weekend.  If one of the regulars could set up a calendar invite for this weekend, I expect to be available Saturday, preferably healing on Foofixit.

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