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20 September 2010

Vent is my minimum raid requirement

Apparently, I am rude.  I got called a nasty name. I got my first ignore.

As a raid leader, I have what appears to be an unusual set of rules.
  • I don't use gearscore.  
  • I don't care about achievements.
  • I do not have an attendance requirement.
  • I do use elitist groups, and care about your enchants and gems.  Your average ilvl is something to consider, but is not a pre-requisite.
  • I have a Raid etiquette
  • I raid once per week, rarely repeating content.
  • I like wiping. It generally means we are stretching ourselves. (Either that or some of us are being slack.)
  • I require vent, especially for new players.
Saturday just past, we did an Ony10 run. It was likely to be messy. (More so than usual, and my expectations were fulfilled.)
  • One regular tank was interstate, replaced by a DPS player in an offpec, slightly undergeared as tank. 
  • One regular healer was at a sports (drinking) BBQ, replaced by a DPS player on an inexperienced and undergeared (elitist group said Ilvl 192) healing alt.
  • One regular healer is on the cusp of burning out, so brought a very undergeared DPS (average Ilvl 180), replaced by a DPS on an experienced healing alt.
  • One regular DPS was off doing Insane in the membrane
  • My nearly teenage son was joining us as DPS.  This was the third time he had raided.
  • Very ranged heavy.
My preference when we are short on players is to fill tank and healing spots with regulars, and pug DPS. So, I ask in trade "LF 2 dps Ony10, Vent required", and immediatly got 2 DPS, and soon after got whispered by a third.  One of the pug DPS didn't even have vent.  It ended up like this

That invite was for the DPS that did have vent.

It was messy.  We died on the starting trash, twice. (Note: we are on vent, check that the trash has died before entering the instance).

To be honest, we struggled.  It may not have been the best night for PUG's.  I caused a wipe running to the boss, by running out of the healer's range.  (One pug left, replaced by a casual DPS who sometimes runs with us).  We struggled on the end of phase 2 (2nd wave of whelps and too many guardians.  The other pug left, replaced by a guildy's spouse that raids as much as my son).  In the end, against the advice of the raid, army of the dead spread damage enough to keep us all up.  Phase 3 went like a charm.
Once the boss was down, Aphona (experienced raider, but lets the inner child out sometimes), decided that playing whelps would be fun.  I still took my screenshot.


  1. Lol..pugs and vent usually = win. Pugs without vent can just suck sometimes.

  2. oh well...nexium watched 2 out of 2 old hockey club grand final losses if that makes u feel better...but at least there was BBQ and many drinks hehe :-)
    as for aphona..well ur really suprised??? he loves doing that stuff hehe
    cya next sat :-)

  3. Aww it's okay foobit it went bad cos you didn't have my leet tanking skills :p also could you do me a favor mate and change the vent codec to a gsm one? Just until the 30th :)

  4. What raid is on the next agenda by the way foobsy woobsy?

  5. Next on my todo list is ICC10, unless I hear a large clamoring for me to tank TOC, with an eye to ToGC


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