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11 September 2010

Eyes of Zul, in my absense

11Sep10. UJ / Cael Alliance

A little while ago I asked what would happen when a goblin leaves a market.  Well it has (almost) happened with Eye's of Zul.

I picked up a 'truck load' of gems - Ametrines, Dreadstones and Cardinal Rubies, and have been slowly digesting them and putting them on whatever markets will eat them.  Due to the price these gems were selling for (40g/50g), and the quantity sold (I still have 200 Dreadstones - in part from an incorrect price).

Making the call that we now were in a phase of massive deflation of gem prices caused by BG and Instance farming bots, I had stopped buying gems, and am clearing my new and existing stockpiles (of aout 100 of each uncut epic gem).  I still have a few Eyes of Zul that I am clearing, but I am largely ignoring this market.

If I recall correctly, before I left the market, I was buying gems for 80g and selling all cuts for 110g threshold, 140g fallback, 5g undercut (posting 48 hours / once per day).  This left a small margin, but I would have sold 50 Eyes a week.  I am looking at the buy/sell margins above, and contemplating re-entering it.  Admitidly some of the gems dont sell well, but those margins give me a lot of room to muscle in (I only make about 2g50 on a glyph sale)
11Sep10. UJ / Cael Alliance

Compare this to the Dreadstone  market, which I am in and will be for a while to come.  Due to time restrictions, I have missed a couple of recent crafting and posting cycles.  My Dreadstone rates are 60g threshold, 110g fallback, 10g undercut, post 2, 48 hours.  This is further evidence that a single player can set the maximum prices for an economy.

I am not on during the day.  I am unable (and unwilling) to participate in continuous rounds of undercutting.  I want to sell large volumes.  Since the 23 August when I bought these gems, I have gem sales of about 82,000g. I am selling gems on both the Horde and Alliance AH's.  Getting them to the Horde AH is a pain, but the profit is worth it.

For those new to my blog (or missed it earlier) I use QA3 for posting epic gems.

This image is from the undermine journal for Calestrasz Alliance as at 11 Sep 2010.

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