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23 September 2010

Bullish on Cata Glyphs

In Summary
As a significant glyph seller on our server, I welcome the opportunity for players to learn every glyph.  There will be a huge number of glyphs to be sold once the new glyph system is introduced.  I expect to be selling more glyphs at the end of Cata than I am selling at the end of WoLK.
In a little more detail
From my reading the gold blogosphere, the consensus for glyphs is a spike in sales coming patch 4.0, with a slow death coming later.

I fully agree there will be a spike in sales.  While I was not a glyph maker when Dual Spec was introduced, I expect that it will be at least twice the size of the Dual Spec boom. 
  • Players can learn all (roughly 30) glyphs for their classes (up from 12 for a dual spec player).  I don't know if this is doubled by dual spec but I would guess not
  • Players will be able to have 9 glyphs active up from 6.  I assume that at least one of these glyph spots wont become active until level 85.
  • Patch 4.0 is coming very very soon.  While I have read 2 Nov as an WAG (wild donkey guess) for Cataclysm, I would expect 4.0 to drop a few weeks before that.  (Based on a very faulty recollection of when WoLK dropped).
  • You will not be able to use Jessica to turn Ink of the Sea to lesser inks.  However, I don't know if that is 4.0 or Cata (assuming they hit on different dates).
  • I feel that people have a lot more maxed level alts than they did when dual spec came out
I see a bright future for glyphs.  My (rambling) thoughts are these:
  • Players dont change glyphs unless they have to.
  • Most toons have one role.That toon is Ranged, Mellee, Tank, Healer; PVE or PVP, most player.  These toons don't change glyphs once they have bought them
  • Some toons have a second role.  This role is covered by dual spec.  These toons don't change glyphs once they have bought them, but they do change specs.
  • Cataclysm will introduce new glyphs at level 85, and possibly with new raids.  This is pure supposition, but I would bet large amounts of gold that it's going to happen.  Everyone will buy these new glyphs.
  • Levelling toons buy glyphs.  Instead of 6 (or 12) to buy, they now have 30.
  • There is a whole new race to level.  Most players will start by getting their 80('s) to 85.  Once they have done this, they will level their Worgen/Goblin, meaning more levelling toons.
  • If you have read this site and Breevok's, the death of glyph sales has already occured on our server.  We have too many sellers and not enough buyers.  However, I see an increase in glyph demand over the life of Cataclysm.
Breevok has written a mid-week review of his glyph sales.  I will respond to his post when I set my pricing for next week, over the weekend.


  1. You mention

    "You will not be able to use Jessica to turn Ink of the Sea to lesser inks."

    Are they replacing this with something else? Or do we need to buy low end herbs and mill them?

    Thx for all the good info

  2. Last I heard - Jessica Sellers was trading for the new top level ink on the beta, but still trading for ink of the sea on the PTR. Based on that, my guess is the transition hits with the expansion rather than with 4.0.


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