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27 September 2010

Buying for the cataclysm, part 1

This is pure speculation.  While I prefer to know my market (primarily glyphs and gems), today I am spending on random trade goods in the lead up to the cataclysm.

When 4.0 hits:
  • 4.0 is coming soon now.
  • Some glyphs types will be destroyed.  Players will also be able to learn more glyphs.
  • Some stats will be removed, others (mastery) will be added.  I think this means that some gems will need to be replaced
  • We will all feel like newbies for a couple of weeks, and will be reaching for extra crutches (Flasks, feasts, drinks, scrolls, drums)
  • Many players will reroll, and level toons 1-5 for the new starting area quests (Gnomes and Trolls?)
  • You will be able to have both herb and mining nodes on your minimap
  • You will be able to get XP for gathering and mining (some also skinning, but I am not sure)
  • A huge rush to get those alts to level 80
  • Achievement bonuses for being in a large guild.
When Cata hits:
  • Cataclysm will hit a few weeks after patch 4.0.  No one knows, but early to mid November is a good guess.
  • Alts will be abandoned during the rush to 85, unless they are already level 80
  • New dungeon difficulty is increasing.
  • Many new Worgen or Goblin re-rolls.
  • Many of these re-rolls will take two gathering professions for the XP bonus
 The above will mean real changes to what is on the AH, both now, and when Cataclysm hits.

For now, I am stockpiling cheap trade goods needed for levelling professions, for sale at a later point (i.e. < 50% of auctioneer average price, where there are *lots* for sale).

Keep an eye out for guild banks being sold.  Many players are leaving WoW, and intend to join larger guilds come Cata.  I have just bought my third 4th guild bank (One 'real' guild bank, one for my inscriptionist toons (4 tabs), one stockpile bank (3 tabs), and now one something bank (1 tab)).  I intend to have all these banks, and all my toons personal banks full by the time cataclysm hits.  But what to stock these bank tabs with?


  1. Tis a tricky time for the AH players.

    From my own personal perspective I'm thinking that glyphs are still going to be a major seller throughout Cata. Mainly from the idea that people will like the idea of having all glyphs for all alts etc.

    I'm buying all herbs I can find at reasonable prices, crafting all inks I can prior to the "3 ink per glyph" change coming. To help counteract this change I'm also making a presumption on what inks will cost in the future, especially Pre Wrath and Wrath inks etc. To this end I'm taking a plunge and buying all competitors glyphs below a certain price. And I'm basing this "price" on what I'm thinking 3 inks will costs in the near future.

    Sometimes ye just have to take a gamble.

  2. I'm expecting it could easily be a year or more before Cataclysm herbs hit the 10-15g per stack mark that I find them on SilverHand (US) so I am just buying and milling like a psycho. Got almost 30k in herb purchases in the past two weeks. I grab any inks I see as well, but they are rarely under 3g each and always in very limited supply. I'm buying cheep glyphs out as well, though in much lesser quantities - it's just so obnoxious to sort and store them!

    I really dislike using 3 separate toons to run the glyph operation, as I'm severely cramped for character slots, but just can't find a better way to handle the logistics of the number of stacks otherwise.

  3. 3 Inks per glyph? Now this is why I am running a blog. I had missed that change. Ugg. Thanks Magz

    Change in plans. Dont quite know how I will manage selling them, but I will now be crafting everything that is not becoming charred.

    Complications.... They break automation. As such many others will not be on top of them either, which in turn allows for a greater profit.

    @Chad, if you want to reduce the number of toons used for glyphing, work out your top 1/3 (or 2/3) of sales, and only sell them, but still stockpile glyphs of all of them.


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