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27 September 2010

Glyphs - what I should do, and what I will do

In our 'dead' market, I have been posting every day (sometimes twice), on most of my toons.  Poor Foosglyphb sometimes is neglected and misses out.

My posting strategy using QA3, is 3g threshold, 24g buyout, 5g undercut, no cancel, 48 hours, post 3.   During the last week, I received

Toon Glyph types Gold Gained
Foobarfoo Paladin, Rogue, Priest, 1/3 Hunter 1898g
Foosglypha Death Knight, Hunter, Mage, 1/3 Hunter 2020g
Foosglyphb Shaman, Warlock, Warrior, 1/3 Hunter 1305g
Total 5220

This is up from a total last week of 3072.

There are currently 78 pages of glpyhs on the AH.  I got in two postings today, meaning that my toons posted 28 pages of those glyphs.

I make glyphs (using skillet and ktq), using /ktq queue 10 glyphs (doing this 3 times).  I made glyphs midweek and on the weekend.  This means that I make 30 glyphs if I currently have 0 stock, and 15 glyphs if I have 5 stock, and 0 glyphs if I have 10 ore more.

I am buying all glyph making inks priced below 1g of the AH.  This last week I bought about 40 stacks, made up of a mix of midnight, lions and celestial inks.  I also bought a dozen glyphs priced below 1g, checking to ensure that (A) I dont already have more than 50, and (B) they are not going to become charred (turned into 50s vendor trash).  Some glyphs that I needed to restock were priced at 11s.

This week, I am including the glyphs I made, as much for my own benefit as anyone's, to start tracking what is selling well.
The glyphs I made midweek:
3 Death and Decay
3 Death Strike
12 Pestilence
24 Icy Touch
12 Nourish
6 Growl
6 Insect Swarm
15 Unburdened Rebirth
15 the Wild
6 Steady Shot
15 Molten Armor
18 Eternal Water
6 Slow Fall
12 Holy Shock
12 Seal of Light
6 Flash of light
16 Judgement
9 Sense Undead
9 Lay on Hands
9 Shadow Word: Pain
18 Flash Heal
6 Hemorrhage
9 Vanish
3 Haunt
3 Corruption
9 Bladestorm
9 Bloodthirst
12 Mortal Strike
9 Cleaving
15 Charge

The glyphs I made on the weekend:

3 Dancing rune weapon
3 Thorns
3 Living Bonb
3 Arcane missiles
6 Beacon of light
3 Hammer of the Righteous
15 Safe fall
12 Astral Recall
12 Flametongue Weapon
I would need to make more glyphs to bring my stock back to 20, but I will probably get around to that soonish.

What I should do, is split my glyphs into four groups.
  • Those that never sell, and will be charred (i.e. turned into 50s vendor trash) come for patch 4.0, should be sold for 1g-3g.
  • Those that never sell, and will remain viable for 4.0.  These should be put into a bank, to be sold once 4.0 hits.
  • Those that sell well should be sold at 6-24g
  • The rest.  These should be listed at 2g50-6g.  This is to squeeze the majority of players out.
What I will do is maintain the status quo.


Gevlon doesn't do many gold posts any more, but they are worth reading.  If you are selling glyphs at or below cost of ink, also sell the ink.


  1. You may also want to try selling armor vellums. But what would I know, according to Gevlon I'm a pro farmer lol.

  2. Hi I have been posting glyphs for a few weeks now and have found that Warlock, Deathknight, and Shaman glyphs sell for the highest price. Some selling for over 50g. In 1 week of selling glyphs i have made over 17k gold, bought my tundra mount and still have over 3k worth of glyphs.


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