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07 September 2010

Our new minority overlords (Australian Politics)

I welcome our new minority overlords.

I want my politics on the front page of the paper.  Even on a Murdoch owned paper.  It will be uncomfortable.  You will be hearing about politics till you are sick of it.  We know the alternative: politics in back rooms; and politicians that represent themselves instead of us.  Every single lower house politician knows their vote counts.

I welcome a National Broadband Network with no internet filter.  Cost be damned, it is what I want.  In 3 years time I'll complain about the cost, but I've been whining about those for a long time.  I am tired of a laggy disconnecting connection to WoW.

If you want majority government, its simple.  Don't vote for the independants.  Vote below the line in the senate.
A vote for majority government looks like this
Vote 1 Major Party A
Vote 2 Major Party B
Vote 3+ the rest.

If you voted above the line, if you put the independants between Labor and Liberal, you voted for this minority government.  As for me, I vote for minority government.  I beleive that government should get out of our faces.

A vote for minority government looks like this
Vote 1: Good Independant
Vote 2: Another Good Independant
Vote 5: Major Party A
Vote 6: Major Party B
Vote 7: Bad Independant

The rest of you vote like this:
Vote 1: Major Party A
Vote 2: Good Independant
Vote 6: Bad Independant
Vote 7: Major Party B

This is a vote of a drone.someone who wants their party to get in, and to make it hard for the other major party.  It suits back room deals.  It causes stupid things like Labor giving Family First a deciding senate seat, instead of a sympathetic person.

I won't submit readers to many political posts.  The last time was election day.  Today is when we know what government we will get.

To quote Mr Oakeshott : "This is going to be a cracking Parliament. It's going to be beautiful in its ugliness."


  1. Just for the record, a national broadband network wont help a laggy disconnecting WoW much. We will still have only two international connections.

    The only thing an NBN will do is make national bandwidth more readily available. With Fibre to the home, things like HD streaming via IP will be more viable for the media...

    With everyone having fibre we will find our international bandwidth being the bottle-kneck quite quickly.

    Just wanted to point that out. Personally I would much rather see adsl and adsl 2 enabled exchanges EVERYWHERE (i live in sunbury, a suburb in victoria which still does not have access to ADSL2!!! I also have a rural property out at Kinglake and adsl1 isn't even available at that exchange.) It saddens me that many rural properties still have to resort to ridiculously expensive "nextG" or satellite connections. A Fibre to the home NBN will not help this situation at all!

  2. @Anon

    Copper is unreliable past a certain distance from the exchange, hence new cabling needs to be made. I seem to be at the point where it becomes unreliable.

    Also being in suburban Tas, I have on average 550ms lag. Guidies in Qld only have 250ms, and I'm jealous.

    If your suburban exchange does not yet have ADSL2, it probably needs a bigger backbone. Fibre to the node will help with that.

    Your rural property is probably more than 3k from the exchange, and if so ADSL will be unavailable.

    The Liberal plan was to make increase nextG availability. Labor's plan is to start in the bush and provide new lines.

    It is pork barrelling dressed up as Infrastructure. But in this instance, I like my (unfiltered) pork.

  3. Hey Foo - just wanted to say "G'day from WA!"




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