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15 September 2010

100,000 today

Today, I broke 100,000 gold. It has been a long time coming.  3 weeks ago, I had zip.  Nada, no gold at all.  I had just bought a truck load of gems.

Glyphs are what I often talk about on my blog.  But it really is my side game, Gems is where I am at.

I was late to the gold making game.  My first blog post was back in Dec 09.  I started thinking about gold making maybe a month before that.

Sure, I had a couple of 80's, my first toon - Foosecond was a herbalist/alchemist, making the odd flask here and there.  If I recall correctly, I was still working on Foolich (my DK tank) and Foofixit (my priest heals).  I started tanking Nax about the time that TOC came out.  And I still only raid once a week.

Now I have four toons at 80 (adding Foostorm - shammy heals) and am working on my baby druid tank (Howdoyoufoo - currently lvl 34).  My four 80's between them have all the maxed tradeskills.  Foosecond has max fishing and cooking - with every recipee except the rogue only thistle tea.  I plan for Howdoyoufoo to be a gatherer.

Mulitple level 80's is not efficient.  Having all the tradeskills is not efficient.  But I found it fun, satisfying my ego.  Once you have all the professions, it is convenient.  But I could probably do better concentrating on one or two toons, and just a couple of professions, and just buying the few things I needed.

I have not been particularly frugal either.  All four 80's have epic flyers.  I bought a DPS set for my tank for a single boss fight (Yogg Saron - which we did with only one tank).  I shouted a few guildies the odd (expensive) treat or two.  I have resisted the large gold sinks (Tundra Mammoths, Dalaran rings, most BOE gear - with an exception or two), waiting to see what happens in Cata.

Jewelcrafting has been my main gold earner.  Get all the recipees, buy uncut gems low, sell all cut gems medium has worked.  This includes the unpopular gems.  They may not sell as often, but the margins on them are much much higher.

Glyphs have been my second earner.  It is a steady profession, with many methods of gold making.  Spend your time and gold doing your research.  Once you can mill high end inks, milling and selling the inks is profitable without the grind of owning the glyph market.  Vellums for enchanting scrolls work well too.

But I have made a profit on all of my professions, with the exceptions of engineering, cooking and first aid, including while I was levelling.  Lil Sparky's workshop, auctioneer and Ackis recipee list are a wonderful combination.  I know I could turn a profit on engineering and cooking if I set my mind to it.

It is a bit misleading saying I went from 0 to 100,000g in 3 weeks.  I do that sometimes.  I already had all the epic gem recipees (might be missing 1).  I already had auctions up and sales waiting for their hour.  I had well over a thousand uncut Epic gems and they sell well, much better than those (grumble grumble) glyphs do.  I still have a lot of gems, just not as many.

It has been a good trip.  I would do it again.  I probably will come the Cataclysm.


  1. congratz! I've been at the 100k mark myself as well but since i'm stocking for cata it's stuck between 85k and 90k

  2. Congrats!!! I am 2K away from the 30K mark, and it pains me to realize how much gold I've spent/wasted prior to that. I would mindlessly drop 3-4 on gear for guildies or alts..and in the end I'm glad I did it because it made the person on the other side of the screen smile...but gosh, I only did that maybe...hmm, 3-4 times! Hehe.

    Plus, I bought a pair of pants one time for 4K, ugh, mistake there.

    But anyway. You should definitely check out the cooking market -- you can sell 5, 10, or 20 cooked dragonfin for at least 30g each. I think people would pay higher but I don't want to risk it. I'm comfortable where the prices are atm. I have three toons with maxed cooking so I will never run out of spice. Plus, there is an achievement in Cata for dropping 5,000 feasts -- it isn't specific so I would think fish feasts would count also. Don't discount your northrend spices yet..it's best to just packrat everything until we see what the demand for those guild achievements are.

  3. Hi Foo,

    I think having multiple 80s actually can be pretty efficient when it comes to trade skills.

    For example, let's say your a blacksmith and want to sell Arcanite Rods. On my server Arcanite rods are selling at 75g.

    Arcanite bars run about 15 gold each right now. So three bars at 15g each is 45g in mats. At 75g each you're turning a 30g profit by snatching arcanite off the AH, not bad! That's a 66% profit!

    Well, if you just want to broaden your market and take a higher volume of sales then why not just use an alchemist and sell arcanite bars? Bars sell for 15g and mats are only 3.5g. You're making 11.5g profit for a 329% profit. This could be even a better market!

    Well now, hold on. If I mail my arcanite bars from my alchemist to my blacksmith then I can spend 10.5g in materials (3.5g per bar x 3 bars per rod) to produce an arcanite rod that sells for 75g. That's a profit of 64.5g. That's a total profit margin of 614%. Rods may not sell as well as the bars but you can play both markets at high yields when you can mix and match your professions.

  4. Congrats! It's a big achievement as I just did the same last week! Trying to build up more to blow on stuff for Cataclysm.

  5. I just hit the 50k mark and therefore applaud you good sir.

    Picked up a few helpful tips too but must disagree that having all professions maxed is in efficient. Total self sufficiency means never having to pay for a craft and means on the raw mats need to be purchased which is very gold efficient and much better than gathering your own right now. Come the first few weeks of Cata that will ofc change.


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