30 November 2011

Patch day addon blues Domino working

I use dominos as an addon bar, and when I first logged in, I had no toolbars at all.  Logging off; disabling dominos; logging in (to get blizzard frames), logging out and re-enabling dominos seemed to fix it.  I don't know if I was lucky or not.

For me, auctioneer is currently 'broken', and I will be posting with tradeskill master.  Apparently auctionator is still working.

Finally, AskMrRobot doesn't seem to be 'equipping' toons with the latest gear drops.  However, manullly telling him what you are wearing appears to help.

Oh; and I had an interesting discussion with a local shopkeeper; who came back into his shop after a large break.  In order to change shoppers habbits he is buying potatoes for $1.50/kg; selling them for $1.49; with the sole purpose of chaning peoples habits.  The deep undercut method lives and breathes in first life too.


  1. Try Macaroon! It's basically the new Dominoes by the same author.

  2. My bad... Macaroon! is the new Trinity Bars, not Dominoes.

  3. I use Addon Control Panel....lets you change your addons and just do a reloadui. A lot quicker than logging off, selecting and logging on.


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