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15 November 2011

Resources for newbies that I can recommend

As it is a 'hot' topic, this post will list a few resources that I do refer to on a regular basis.  I also will list a few that I don't use, but do recommend to newbies.

Please note: The information below is to make you better than Joe Pug.  It will not magically turn you into a 7/7 heroic hard mode player, nor will it give you your gold cap tomorrow.


PVP Battlegrounds
Role specific stuff
Further reading


I haven't added much (non AH) PVP stuff; I have no idea.   I have tanked; I heal; I play the auction house.  I get into arguments that I shouldn't get into.

If you have a site, series or post that you recommend to newer players (gold making or otherwise), please leave a comment.


  1. At my days, Tankspot (http://tankspot.com/) also had some good information and videos about raids and stuff.
    You have all the basics and some advanced stuff nailed there, so its a good list,will help a lot of people.

  2. Agreed, on tankspot for Raid videos.

    I'd also add http://learntoraid.com/videos/

    And for tank raid strategies

    I made a list of gold resources for a friend recently, but I haven't spent much time actually making gold or using the sites, so they aren't as specifically vetted as your list.

    PotatoeBlog: Gold links



  3. omg if you recomend askmrrobot one more time im going to stab myself in the eye. as a spriest they wanted me to lose 60 int to regem and reforge for a little bit of hit and mastery. int is god and any regeming out of it is stupid and an indication its time to leave the game.

  4. For newbies; the difference Daketh is talking about is trivial.

    Daketh; I am going to recommend ask Mr Robot again. Do you need that pencil?

    We have this discussion often. (A) we are talking a storm in a teacup - probably 0.25% of your theoretical DPS.

    Mr Robot does suggest taking a complete set of buffs. if you don't like the numbers, then you can even override them.

    Daketh on AskMrRobot

    AskMrRobot suggest:
    Shoulder: -10 Int; + 20 Haste
    Chest: -20 Int; +20 Haste; +20 Spirit
    Hands: -10 Int; +20 Spirit
    Waist: -10 Int; +20 Spirit

    +100 Mastery; -100 Haste; +Run Speed enchant

    This totals
    -50 Int; (Not the 60 you claim)
    -60 Haste;
    +100 Mastery;
    +60 Spirit

    It takes your Hit from 16.28% to 16.89%. Yes I know it's only a global cooldown; that is still 6 gcd's in 1000 casts you are missing; You will still continue to miss 1 gcd in 1000.

    No-one is claiming that 1 point of hit is worth more than 1 point of int. However 2 points of hit might just be worth more than 1 point of int.

    Finally - I am not sure why you even care; You dropped a real proffession for Herbalism; You worry about 50 int from gems, but don't have the 80 int from a real proffession.

    But don't worry; you are trying your best and still welcome in my raids.

    History: I often run with Daketh. He is nearly as good as he tells others that he is. Just don't tell him that.

  5. Daketh - if you don't like run speed enchantments, then the final numbers are -50 int, -10 Haste; +65 Mastery, +60 Spirit.

  6. your an evil little man you know that dont you :) do you think in a years time we will still be arguing on this issue? haha

  7. Daketh: We will only be arguing if
    (a) we are both still playing WoW, and
    (b) you stubbornly refuse to correct your position :)

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