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08 November 2011

Cooperative AH - no tradeskill required

There are real advantages to using multiple accounts to post auctions, especially when you are time poor.  Things that become easier are:
  • Easier access to shift items accross the neutral AH;
  • You can gather (including AH shopping), craft, post and/or collect mail at the same time.  
However, there are no rules that state that both accounts need to be owned by the same player. Personally, at the moment, I see no need to spend extra real life gold to make more than enough pixel gold.

Today's post is about the addon's I use; and how I (previously had, and will again) post with multiple accounts.  It is written for fellow players that have expressed an interest in posting my glyphs for me.  Later posts will include details as to how I share inventory management, crafing queues, posting methods, and profit share/wages.   There is also no real reason that this approach would not work for other professions.  That said, for me, glyphs have the hardest time with inventory management.

There are two sides to this; posting toons and crafting toons.  Some addons are required by the posting toon, others are needed by the crafting one.

I have included versions and sources that I use as of this post;  if this is 'future you' reading this, you will probably want the current versions.

Posting toon addons:
The other things to consider about posting toons is inventory management.  Some players prefer two (or more) toons to post glyphs.  I use one toon, a lot of inscription bags and a guild bank tab for overflow.

Crafting toon addons:
  • Altoholic (as above) : Still used for inventory management
  • Kevs Toolkit Queue/KTQ (KTQ 4.0.0): a craft queueing addon that understands multiple accounts
  • Gnomeworks (r156): a crafting window that understands queues created by Kev's Toolkit Queue
I don't use tradeskill master for crafting.  I believe it doesn't support multiple account inventories.  I would love to be proved wrong.  However, in the meantime I am satisfied with the addon's above.


  1. TSM can do multiple account craft queueing via altoholic and datastore:


  2. Problem is with KTQ - the author seems to have left WoW, and taken down his website. Comments on Curse indicate growing problems with KTQ that are not being addressed since the last update was for 4.01. Do you know if someone else is picking this up? Otherwise, I think we are left with a malfuntioning addon, soon to be completely obsolete when 4.3 drops.

  3. ZeroAuction and Inventorium work well across multiple accounts too, Inventorium can be set to use altoholic data which understands multiple accounts, and ZeroAuctions and Inventorium can import each others groups

  4. I will have a look at the suggestions above regarding Invetorium and the multiple account craft queueing.

    If I can get TSM working to my satisfaction, I will re-work the addons required for the crafting toon. The last time I looked (and it was a while ago), there were comments that multiple account support shouldn't be considered core functionality.

    KTQ is very dead, the author no longer plays WoW. However the last time it completely broke; he came back and fixed it. Failing that; I have the technical skills to make any necessary fixes (at a cost of time).


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