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14 November 2011

Be civil

This is a post to the gold blogging community

Sometimes we don't agree on what is the best way to run our blogs;  Some prefer to invovle real life gold; others prefer their gold in pixel form.

I don't always agree with methods; use of material; or a myriad of other things.  I have also had my (sometimes strong) disagreements with various personalities.

However, I keep to the objective facts;  Where I don't like something; I provide the facts as if I was trying to convince a panel of adjudicators.  Some emotionadds colour.  Stating "I don't think x works because of some reason" is valuable and useful.

Again with defenses, stating that you believe that something is permissable/useful/novel because of some reason is also valuable and useful.

However name calling makes you look bad.  Calling someone a crook or a scammer is a good way to take yourself off readers lists.

Do your readership a favour; If you feel very pasionately about throwing mud; that is the time to be very careful that you need to tone down the rhetoric and stick to the facts.


  1. It was interesting to say the least seeing 5 blogs on tuj front page talking about the same heated topic. I feel leftout =(.

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  3. . . . . Retyping . . . . It does seem that the accusation has been clearly laid out though your point is fair there are instances where it is surrounded in language is somewhat uncivil. Is there a response from the author of the product in question anywhere?

  4. I think it all makes for entertaining reading :)

  5. Controversial subjects always generates lot of publicity, good or bad.
    The problem is, when people take thing to far.

    Be civil and polite is always the correct way to go, at least in my book. but it is so easy here on the web to bad talk about others.

  6. Thank you, Foo!

    I read various gold blogs and find the articles and ideas enjoyable. I have a small amount of time to spend on WoW every week, and that is my fun and relax time. The last thing I want to do is being confronted with a bunch of these posts on my daily list and TUJ.

    If one of the bloggers posts an actual review, like Faid did, that's fine and productive. If someone then wants to link to that review and let me form my own opinion, that's fine, too. But getting personally involved and slinging mud as Foo nicely put it, is a huge turn-off, and in the end truly just makes the blogger look bad.

  7. I love the subtle nudges here and there all through the post and comments. Why not just outright say "YOU'RE WRONG" and "this is why". I am sure [oops almost revealed celebrity A] is a big boy/girl.

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  9. Comment deleted as a one word comment about my supposed sexual orientation doesn't add much to the conversation.

  10. I agree. Personally the mudslinging between various bloggers annoys me a lot. Now I can understand how some bloggers just look at themselves as anyone with x amount of gold and gold making knowledge. Seen from a wider perspective being a blogger involves some responsibility, if not towards oneself at least towards the readers and more importantly the loyal followers.

    I toss meatbawlz every now and then, but I will in no way get involved in a childish "A says X and B says Y".


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