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07 November 2011

Process 1/2 way for fun and profit

You may have heard of the obsidian/saronite shuffle; Prospect stacks of ore; turn it into jewelery; disenchant and sell off essences and dusts?  Skills used Mining; Jewelcrafting; Enchanting. (http://consortium.stormspire.net/content/183-shuffling-spreadsheet-killed-them-all.html)

Or how about smelt stacks of obsidian and elementium ore; Create stormforged shoulders; disenchant and sell off the Heavenly shards? Skills used Mining; Blacksmith; Enchanting (http://wow.joystiq.com/2011/05/25/how-to-turn-ore-into-heavenly-shards/)

Generally these are profitable activities in their own right.  (And no - I don't even have a tool capable of mining saronite ore; let alone obsidium; AH is where I farm).  I have a problem with the default process; most authors encourage you to crush the majority of crafted items regardless of their relative value (with the possible exception of blue jewelery from the obsidian shuffle).

For the record; I am not doing a lot of ore shuffling, (I'm stretched to collect auction house mail some days), but somone I ran with wanted me to dump a bit of ore recently.

The stormforged shoulders disenchant to a single heavenly shard (~90g); a nice enough markup from the price I would have sold the underlying ore for.  However, according to my auctioneer, the shoulders had a sale price about 250g.  There were none on the auction house. 

I crushed the majority of the shoulders, but kept a one for sale.  It sold on the first post cycle.  In the past, I have done the same thing with the various green quality jewelry from the ore shuffles; keep one or two; post the rest.  They are not always quick sellers.  If an item only has a slightly higher (theoretical) sale price I will crush it.

I keep one bank alt aside for selling trash.  If I don't know what I want to do with something; off to my trash seller it goes.  I also only infrequently log on to him.  When I do; I sell stuff using auctioneer with add-hoc pricing.  No camping; just set and forget.

Doing extra work to sell at 90g; when you could do less effort and sell for 250g; it just feels wrong.


  1. The only difference would be that the Heavenly Shards easily sell in large numbers, while The Stormforged shoulders/pants might sell one or might not. Still a good idea to keep one or two from time to time.

  2. Anon is correct... while you might sell the odd Stormforged Shoulders for a significantly higher price, you can sell shards and chants made with shards in bulk.

    I usually have shoulders up on the auction, occasionally one sells... I make and disenchant thousands more.

  3. It's good to keep a few shoulders out I think just for variety, but I think overall the Heavenly shards are the more safe bet. (on my server anyways) They often rise just over a 100g in price, low deposit fees and with guild perks you'll frequently get more than one per shoulder DE'd. I admit the doing less work is appealing and thus I seldom bother to make the high end enchants I could be making more money off them than just listing them individually, but meh laziness on my part.

    However, as long as you are posting shoulders since they sell slowly, have you considered also posting some of the stormforged legguards? They cost the same to make, so possibly you could sell them to the same people that are also buying the shoulders?

  4. The average shard on my server sells for about 90g as well. Because I'm not smart enough to figure out the price, at which value per ore (obsidium/elementium) can i purchase in bulk and still be profitable?


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