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16 November 2011

Glyph buyout - again

There is a player that reads my blog who I have been in negotiations with to buy out his glyph stockpile, and possibly to have him re-craft my horde glyphs.  I have been trying to catch him online, but he hasn't been on as much lately - at least not when I am looking.

I originally had 20 of each glyph; and am currently occasionally re crafting back to 15 of each glyph. If I have more than 15, they are not a great seller.  If I have 0 glyphs, then they sell well.

I don't like crafting glyphs.  I am not sure I even like selling them.  I do like the gold from them.

As an offer, for the first pass of buying your bulk glyphs:
  • shimmering ink glyphs I need horde side : 7g each
  • For all other glyphs I need horde side : 20g each
'Need' means to take my horde side stockpiles up to 20 (I have been re crafting glyphs up to 15)

However, I 'want' glyphs to get my alliance side toon up to 20 as well.  For glyphs that I want alliance side; I will pay 4g (shimmering ink); 15g the rest.

You don't tend to have a large stockpile, but if you happened to have a few too many of a glyph that takes me past 40 of that glyph, I still am interested in paying 'want' prices.

For the glyphs that I already have a stockpile of 40; they are less valuable to me at this point.  I don't want the glyphs that are on the glyph hall of shame (will just vendor them); for the rest; 3g each.

When it comes to future re crafting of glyphs - I am willing to negotiate; I can provide shimmering inks, or can get you to mill other inks.  As a basis for future crafting prices, the prices for the bulk glyphs above seem a starting point for negotiation.

I am happy to accept counter offers.  I am also happy to work in conjunction with any scribe on Caelestrasz - horde or alliance.  Prices that I offer or accept can vary.

Why do I price shimmering ink glyphs so cheap?  I still have well over 1000 of these inks that I bought at 1g each.  What is the basis of the other pricing?  Blackfallow ink is currently selling for 5g.

A note to the unbelievers.  I have previously been asked if I really consider that it costs me 15-20g to craft a glyph.  I am putting my gold where my mouth is - yes I do place this value on them.

I see four distinct points in the value chain in glyphs, each point has their own challenges:
  • Gathering herbs
  • Milling herbs into ink
  • Creating glyphs
  • Selling glyphs

You can use this approach to make the gold from glyphs regardless of whether you have inscription or not.  There is no need to have your own scribe; providing you can find one who works fee for service.


  1. Would you really pay 5g per ink? I have no idea where your herb prices are but I have always bought in bulk and at the low end of the price range. Cinderbloom is 13-20g a stack. Whiptail 20-24g a stack. Inferno Ink sells for 20-25g. Blackfallow ink rarely sales on the AH yet is priced 5-8g per ink. I have tried selling ink at times to test the market and it just doesnt sell.

  2. One additional comment. Activity level on the server has a huge impact on sales. I have notcied on my server that glyph sales volumes are dramatically reduced. There can be nights where there are no sales for a couple of hours despite me being lowest up.

  3. Soz foo, busy in rl, will be on in a few days to sell some glyphs :D


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