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01 December 2011

Patch for auctioneer

Auctioneer patch available.  From  the auctioneer website:

WoW 4.3

Since folks are missing the posts we have been making on our/curse/wowi forums, just wanted to put up a note that, yes, a working version of the entire Suite will be up as soon as we are able to finish with some coding tidbits and testing.

We are making strides to getting things up to speed with the lovely changes Blizzard made between what was on the PTR and what went live. We had a tiny bit of time to get some things fixed, but when the patch went live, there were some really big changes affecting the AH.

The Beta/Preview, 5.13, from
http://AuctioneerAddOn.Com/dl/#preview , has the current changes included, so be sure to check that one out - it should scan and all, but there may be issues, yet, remaining. Please be patient.
*Be sure to read and follow http://Wiki.Norganna.Org/Installing to help ensure you have the old cruft cleared out, too.

Happy Sales,

Nikk B-) 

I don't normally copy/paste some one else's post. (You can get into 'big trouble' for it).  However, by doing it today I splash it accross the undermine journal.

In first life I am involved with systems development.  Last minute changes outside of your control really can cause confusion and chaos.  Thanks to the Auctioneer team for making these fixes.

Please note: While the Beta is likely to work better than the previous installed version, In Nikk's words "There may be issues yet remaining.  Please be patient.".  Auctioneer is a volunteer based addon; though it does take sponsorship.  If you want more from your addons (this and many others); get involved in their creation and support.  This can be done by volunteering to help with coding; with testing alpha/beta releases; with documentation or in many cases by donations of real life gold.

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  1. Meh a post like that I'm sure he doesn't mind at all. He'd have to be a moron if he didn't appreciate your helping to spread the word.


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