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25 December 2011

Clearing out the trash, then largely AFK for a week

Happy Winter's Veil. 

Having been excessively eloquent in the last week (or maybe not), I have not quite disappeared.

I have joined another guild; not being on enough during the week to keep people interested meant loosing members; those interested enough to group regularly went elsewhere, and several on the casual end took extended /AFK time.

The new guild had a lot of unused stuff in the guild bank, yet wanted to splurge on new gear.  I (and my blog) was known to the guild leader, and now he has far less 'junk' with fallling value, and far more gold; even after buying some shinies.  Currently here is very little point in holding onto most mats (with the possible exception of epic gem transmute mats, or maybe snowfall ink for inscription research - if we ever do get all glyphs taught by daily 'northrend' research)

Deathwing is 'dead' on LFR (not that it was particularly challenging); I tried on a Monday, and there was sooo much healing required; with the raid leader trying to kick anyone doing less than 40k DPS; I gave up.  Immediately after reset, I tried again, got a very smooth run (0 wipes on both LFR raids; bored healing spine); with only moderate DPS in the group.

I will be largely /AFK over the next week; I might have sufficient internet connectivity to post auctions, but might not;  The glyph market won't miss me; Both Horde and Alliance scribes are following  'drive em off' approach; and I have been having way to much fun (and profit) with gems to notice or care.  I have been purchasing 'cheap' pyrite ore and prospecting the life out of it.  Pity about the flood of Zephyrite.  I am of two minds; either to cut and vendor, or take the very very long view; and sell for levelling cuts come Mists of Pandaria.  Uncut Northrend basic gems are selling quite well at the moment.  I don't need the immediate cash, and I have more than enough guild bank space.

Anyway; I'll have a bit of fun in first life over the next week; and come the new year concentrate on getting that blessed Ragnaros kill.


  1. If it's not the zephyrite daily day, then I just cut and vendor. Tedious and time consuming, but don't see any other use for it.

  2. @Handera I do the same. Sometimes I don't even bother cutting it because they don't stack and I cant just /afk while it goes.

  3. It was LFR, lets do normal and see how we go. seriously... 1 shot deathwing while off my face and was 2nd top heals on 25man with sub 380 ilvl. its stupidly easy. embarrasingly so.

  4. This has not been the first occasion where I've thought something and then you've written about it shortly after, :p. (perhaps our brains are linked somehow?)

    Anyway, I've felt the exact same way about gems and glyphs lately. I've always resented the shuffle, since it feels like cheating/EZ mode, but the profits are just stupid. Glyphs are consistent and fun, but gems/scrolls are in a crazy place ATM, and it feels like most of the "baddies" are in full blown panic mode, and that's just too much fun to pass up.


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