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03 January 2012

Zephyrite decision

Just before I disappeared on of the internet; I was thinking about those blessed Zephyrite's filling my JC's bags.

The current uses for these gems are:
  • Fire prisms.  Who's making these, and anyway they consume all gems equally - you will still have a surplus
  • Transmuting to Ocean Sapphires, but they don't sell either
  • JC dailies (As was pointed out in my last post's comments), a strong contender, but still too much supply to too little demand. Plus who wants to be up at 1 am (or whenever dailies expire), so you post 48 hour auctions, hoping it will be soon.
  • Vendor @ 50s each.  Hohum.
  • Cut and Vendor @ 75s each.  Boring, time consuming, and still hohum.
  • Levelling JC's
At the moment, the number of levelling JC's are few and far between; they exist, but their demand is dwarfed by the JC daily demand; let alone the requirement for useful shuffle gems.

Looking at a relatively useless gem from Northrend : Shadow Crystal, currently selling for 1g; but only 4 available.  It would not be difficult to put together a partial JC levelling kit; aimed at 1/4 of the raiding panda's come next expansion.  If I had more time or less spare guild bank space; I would probably recommend cut & vendor.  However at the moment I have empty guild banks (not just tabs), and a bit of time to catch up on.

So; I will keep a couple of 20 stacks of Zephyrites on my gem selling toon to be sold in stacks of 3; 1 stack in my JC's bank and put the rest in cold storage until I either have enough time to cut and vendor (unlikely), or try to sell in weeks 2-5 of MOP.  As with all speculation, there may not in fact be any demand (because of other speculators doing exactly the same thing), but at least I would still be able to realise cut and vendor costs at some stage.

I will also second guess this decision as time goes on and my stockpiles go up.  Oh well, if they turn out to be in demand by someone, at least I will trickle them out onto the AH.

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