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05 January 2012

Building a new tool

I love tools like LilSparky's Workshop and TradeSkillMaster's Crafting; Addons that allow you to see at a glance what is profitable.

These are based in turn on AH scanning tools like Auctioneer, which you use to scan the auction house; and get recent pricing.

Bread and butter for established auction house players.  But...., we have new tools available.  First of all the auction house scan has been 'bettered' by The Undermine Journal.  Something that scans the AH hourly; every day; does far better than I can with my intermittent scans; plus it is much faster and doesn't consume my in game time.

There is also the auction house API.  It provides auction data (faster than I can scan inside the game) by item id, recipee lists (by item id, including recipee names) and names for items.  This is nearly enough to make an out of game profitable crafting tool.  What I am missing is an easily updateable, usable in a program, list of recipee and material items listing item id's.

The following websites (among others) have lists
  • http://wow.crafterstome.com/home.html
  • http://db.mmo-champion.com/
LilSparky's workshop and TSM's crafting also at least have a static knowledge of what recipees are. 

The tool that I am looking at building will be a tool for someone with my skillset (fairly technical, not much in the way of pretty user interfaces); but would be very easy for someone with a flair for UI's to either build upon; or use the design to re-implement.  This also is a project I would much rather someone else have written (rather than have to write it myself).  What I don't want to do is manually re-type data that Kaliope or DB-champion have already discovered.

What I would ideally love is a WoW API that returns the materials (including duration of cooldowns) of crafting recipees (and no - the current recipee API returns recipee name but not materials).  Failing that, a similar web based request to other reputable websites returning data would be good.

If we can put this last piece in the puzzle, we should be able to build a tool that shows us what is profitable, and what is not.


  1. Might be able to use wowhead's xml api and establish a local caching of that.

  2. On the Market API page on The Undermine Journal, there's a link to the known item list in XML format. That includes the spells and reagents (but, sadly, not cooldowns) to create crafted items.

  3. http://www.wowhead.com/item=12426

    Source: http://www.wowhead.com/item=12426&xml

  4. Hi GoldenLlama; the wowhead xml supports lookup by item quite well, but doesn't do so well for lookup by spell. Players recipee lists are given by spell. I could however scrape the Wowhead HTML page for spells (http://www.wowhead.com/item=12700 for the required information. Putting an &XML at the end of that URL doesn't make much difference to the data retrieved for spells (recipees)

    The Undermine journal's XML item list is good but has exceptions (no bop items; if it's not listed, then its not available). It would be easy enough to 'reverse index' this list from item-> recipee to recipee-> items.
    It would be a good place to start building an initial list; possibly supplemented by wowhead lookups for remaining items.

    Still not ideal, but untill/unless Blizzard releases a recipee API contaning materials, then it will have to do.

    I would still love to find out if someone has found a way to extract out of the game itself (either an addon or datamining) a method to dump the recipees, what they produce and what they consume.

  5. Well I use the addon Syllabus, and when I mouse over it and it pops out the menu for learnable or nearly trainable recipies, it has in the tooltip the reagents required to make that recipe... It does all this some how... Even if you had to visit all the trainers and poll the data each patch and release an update, it wouldn't be so bad.

  6. @GoldenLlama -> me manully visiting each trainer come patch time ... ain't gonna happen. Like most other players, patch times are very busy. I would much rather build on other peoples work - it already is being done.

  7. I found an old excel sheet on the internet importing BeanCounter Data, changed that one a lot, so we can make reports of everything we want (i can think of), and currently busy on the thing your talking about... It imports all items from TUJ, and all the price information from TUJ...

    Currently busy making a page with the profit, i can make, and even have ideas of using other great sheets together with this (like the jc shuffle sheet...)

    I am also looking to see with Lua files i can use so i know wich recipes i allready know and can make, datastore has a lot of useable files so i have to look at that...

    Going to make a post on the consortium for this....


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