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31 January 2012

Curse you

Whether it is raiding; crafting; selling and recipee collection; addons help.

Due to personal circumstances that I won't bore a lot of you with; I am bouncing between households and 3 computers a lot.  I have played WoW on all three of these computers at some stage, and manually set up addons on these.  But keeping 38 addons across 3 different computers in sync; and manually updating the settings to the be the same is beyond me.

So; I use the curse client to keep addons up to date.  You have to supply them with an email address and create a login; but nothing too onerous.  When using the free version you get a little advertising (which I disliked but accepted), have to click once per update that you want updated, and can have two addons being updated at once. All in all - adequate for a single PC for my purposes.

However, I said above that I now have 3 PC's that I am tyring to keep in sync; with the addon settings copied.  Normally the only things I pay real life gold for in WoW are expansions and the monthly subscription.  I also would not pay for a second WoW account with the sole purpose being for gold making.  (Though I am currently paying 3 suscriptions - one for me; and one for my two kids).  I broke down and am now paying real life gold for one extra option - a Curse Premium account.

The premium makes having the same addons and keeping them up to date easy.  With the right setup, the addons (nearly) update themselves, no clicks needed and no advertising.  It is also should make syncing addon settings between computers much easier.  

I have not been posting auctions as much as I could because of the settings difficulties.  So; over this weekend I used the curse client to backup the settings on my main PC, and restored it on one of my secondary ones. I then posted auctions.  All my inferno rubies sold within seconds.  For 160g each.  Cry.

A very important (sanitised) rule of computing : Anyone can make a mistake; but if you really want to ... foul it up then use a computer.

I did not manually check the prices after the restore; so I sold my inferno rubies at pre patch 4.3 prices.

I know better.  I wrote the computer disaster recovery plan for my (real life) work.  A backup isn't a backup untill it has been backed up, restored and tested.

A single posting of inferno rubies below cost isn't any where nearly as expensive as AH gearing a mostly 346 tank with the best BOE's gold can buy.

TBC - how to fix it so it doesn't happen again.


  1. There are many people who have blogged about using symlinks to dropbox folders to synchronize your addons. Cynwise has blogged about it, and I personally use a setup similar to that.

    I use two different accounts on two computers, swapping between two accounts. I have seperate dropbox folders for Account1WTF, Account2WTF, Addons.

    The only caveat Is that I can't really 'hot swap' anymore, where I would log in on one machine to force myself to log out on the second, because it creates a race condition where the 2nd computer's log in grabs the 'stale' addon data files (since they are written on exit, not during play), THEN dropbox pushes out the modified version from the first box, then they're updated on my 2nd computer, but not read/held in memory since WoW is already running. When that WoW client exits, it will write it's updated version of the 'stale' data directory.

    TLDR; Dropbox is a simple way to manage it as well, which also serves as a backup point. You just have to wait for the files to push from one machine to the other before you log in.

  2. Ah, I know the struggle. Consistent, up to date addons for raiding, crafting and ah, pvp and roleplay = not fun. Considering premium myself.


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