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15 January 2012

Justice Points and Epic Gems

I am still making a nice profit on cutting Epic Gems; and no - I don't mean Cataclysm ones.

I like to pretend that only twink toons use Northrend Cataclysm Epics; bonuses for twinking toons using gear with sockets or possibly a belt buckle.  This makes sense;  a Northrend gem can be placed in any gem slot regardless of level of gear; best upgrade available.  The last time I checked however, way too many of my Northrend gems were bought by Lvl 85 toons in cataclysm gear (where a cata rare is better than a northrend epic)

Similar buying patterns exist with Northrend rares; cut Reds sell better; followed by cut Oranges; followed by the rest.  However, I pay little attention to what is most likely to sell; and post the lot.

I am currently posting these gems for between 200-400g; and have very very little competition (so it is most often posted at 400g)

Supply is a solvable problem.  On my realm, there are not many northrend miners; for a while I was prospecting saronite and titanium ore; making icy prisms (from the uncommon gems) and transmuting the rare gems (converting frozen orbs into the required element).  However, this often left me with insufficient supply.

However, many players have an excess of justice points.  220 Justice points buys 1 uncut Northrend Epic; from the JC shop in Dalaran.  I have been paying players between 100-130g per uncut gem (depending on my current supply); generally selling cut gems for ~350g.

For those without patterns, they are bought with tokens; (Northrend JC dailies etc); but you then have to choose between JC cuts and dragon's eyes (resold on AH as nightmare tears). 

Some patients is called for; and I try to only cut what I will immediately put on the AH (for bag space reasons as much as anything).


  1. Indeed this is a good deal. I covered this particular topic a few months ago in http://vilesauctions.blogspot.com/2011/11/right-time-for-deal.html and then i got a comment from Faid where she linked me a video in which she covers this :)

    But non the less, it's a very viable and profitable deal.

  2. Hi Vile

    Yup; several of us have posted this. Including my post from June 2011.

    There are some ... less well off guildies that I know read this blog at least occasionally. Some tips are worth repeating.

  3. Hey guys, agreed this is one of the best ways to make some gold, but I've found on large servers that there are actually quite a few people participating in this market. Something that's useful to note (from my experience anyway) is that I tend to sell way more of these on the weekends, so putting them up on a 48-hour on Friday is always on my to do list. This is something that I think will stay alive through mists, and great for those who actually raid/do dungeons.


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