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05 December 2011

I sure hope it gets harder than this

I enjoyed the start of cataclysm as a healer.  Dungeons became hard, and a correct quick decision meant that the group might be upright, but an incorrect decision meant a wipe.

I like wipes.  It means that I am attempting difficult content, stretching myself.

It's week 1 of patch 4.3, and I am already concerned about the patch's longevity.

I have completed the three new dungeons.  I have completed, first evening I looked one of the LFR wings.  The biggest problem I had completing the dungeons was that I ended up having to manually choose the last one as I couldn't get it entirely randomly.

Now, I do not consider myself the first of the progression raiders.  This week was the first time ever that I capped valor points. My holy priest is geared in 378 for everything but trinkets.  I will be queuing up for random dungeons to get a 378 trinket from the well of eternity, but after that?  I'll help others out, but won't be seeking opportunities to re-run tthe 'new' 5 man dungeons. 

My PC groans under the weight of 25 man raids.  The LFR raids don't seem to have a high healing requirement, and topping the healing chart's on Yor'sahj was good for my ego.  I will either have to upgrade my PC or find some settings to trim. I prefer my screen refreshes to be 30+ frames per second; so sitting at a single frame per global cooldown isn't ideal.  I will either find something to turn off; find a better PC, or treat incredibly low framerates as my special hard mode.

Many (other) players are looking at the new 5 mans and LFR and revelling in their shortness and ease.  I am happy to see the same fight from different perspectives; Tank; Healer; DPS.  But I didn't enjoy bashing out "heroics" in Northrend.  I am not likely to start now.

Here's to hoping that 10 man raids are tuned harder.


  1. "I sure hope it gets harder than this "

    That's what she said

  2. You're not complaining about the ease of LFR, are you? It's supposed to be stupid easy, that's the point. Yeesh.

  3. @anonymous : Yes I am complaining about stupid easy; both in 5man and LFR.

    I don't mind if it becomes stupid easy once you outgear something. I prefer a challenge on day 1.

    Don't worry; I will put it out of sight, out of mind soon enough

  4. unfortunately, it doesn't get harder...at least not in regular 10mans. Deathwing is already dead on my server..and we have a notoriously craptastic server. I'm crossing my fingers that the heroic modes will be a challege... but it makes me very sad how easy this game has become, b/c I too like the wipes and challenge of content :(

  5. And the pendulum swings back to the other side...

    Vanilla was hard, BC was too hard, Wrath was too easy, Cata start was too hard, Cata 4.3...

    Personally I prefer easier dungeons. The first time it can be a little difficult as you get to know the fights, but then I want to be flying through them without wiping to trash. I do dungeons to gear up for raids, not the other way around.
    I admit the LFR could have been a bit more difficult, but I have seen 2 extremes so far, where on one run everything was one shotted and another where getting everyone to attack the same colour ooze was practically impossible, and the raid was in a constant state of dropping and gaining people.

    At least in the normal raids, there is at least a difficulty progression. Our (casual) guild is still wiping on Warlord Zonozz, but having 2 bosses down on the first day made the game much more appealing again, and we will have to work on subsequent bosses, but we can get gear from the first bosses to help with that.

  6. @Mike,

    I can see where you're coming from... I just personally think things are WAY too easy. But I'm also of the mindset that BC was perfect, not too difficult at all. I miss the atunements and having to work on 1 boss for a couple weeks (or at least 1 week) before downing it..and when killing an end boss was an accomplishment.
    When Deathwing died last night no one on the server cared. Such a difference from BC when if any guild killed Vashj or Kael, doesn't matter if they were 1st or 10th, trade would erupt in congratulations b/c it was an accomplishment most could not do. I miss those days very much.
    My very casual group downed 4/8 in 2 nights, and my guild over all did 7/8 in 2 nights and only didn't get Deathwing b/c the raid couldn't reassemble for another night. I think the feeling of accomplishment in killing those difficult raid bosses is what keeps raiders going...here's hoping heroic modes will be like that.

  7. For me end of Wotlk had perfect difficulty. Luckily they are back to that again now (and hopefully all those that quit finds out and comes back) :)

  8. Maybe wiping just means you are BAD. Not that content is hard.

  9. @Darkfriend. Wiping means that either content is hard for your group. Sure; we all stuff up sometimes, some more than others. But a any wipe means you have not out-geared to the point of AFK play;

    Some players think I am an awesome raider. Others think that I'm a hopeless noob. The reality is that I am somewhere in the middle.

    I expect a new boss (even in a 5 man) to be a challenge, not a walkover.


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