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29 August 2010

Online AH - still unimpressed

I had a look at the online AH when it was first in beta, and posted New remote auction house - yawn.

Now I have looked again. I am currently posting a lot of glyphs and gems, and my requirements for my posting toons are:
  • Automated Posting 
    • according to a strategy
    • about 1000 auctions / day
  • Automated expired mail collection.
  • Automated gold collection.
At the moment I have QA3 with a set pricing strategy, and Postal + Mail Opener to collect mail. This works OK, posting/retrieving roughly 50 items/minute while largely AFK, plus a couple of minutes for logging in to the posting toons.

I have read good things about using the paid Web based AH, so I thought I would look again and bought it.

  • No automated posting (or at least I have not found an addon
    • Limit to the number of auctions / day
  • No automated expired mail collection
  • Does have automated gold collection, and do not need to be a

If it had either of automated posting or automated mail collection in a more convenient form than currently exists on a toon, I would be interested.  Instead I promptly unsubscribed.  I am not paying additional money for the ability to collect gold of the AH.

1 comment:

  1. If you're trying to use the remote AH for the same things you're using the normal AH for, of course it's not going to work well. That's not the point.

    The things it offers are
    1) Access to buying items when you normally could not. If farmers dump items on your server at 10 AM and you normally can't log in, the remote AH lets you buy them. I can only guess at how much adder's tongue, primordial saronite, lichbloom, etc I've bought for far less than I normally see it for, but I have come close to the 200-transaction limit a number of times.

    2) A FAR more convenient way to buy and sell items cross-faction. You can use the same toon to visit the neutral and faction specific auction houses, because you don't have to actually move it to either one.


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