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30 August 2010

Arozcaldo answers the Call of the Crusade

Foofixit (my healer) and our regulars from Ulduar, answered the Call of the Crusade.  I had been told that Toc10 was easier than Ulduar, but I did not realise by how much.

Not only did we clear it, but we did it in one evening.  We wiped at least once on every boss, and I already know I fail at PVP, so being focused fired as a healer left me wanting.  I have been instancing so long that I forgot about Psycic scream.

I thought this meant I would finally head off to ICC.  However, our resident king slayer (and a couple of others) informed us that we should do better on ToC10 before attempting ICC.  Mean mean people (Even if I suspect they are right).

So next week back to ToC.  We will be play with the mix a little, going back to something looking like our Ulduar group.  (With the exception of one player who will remain DPS for a bit. You are nearly as good as you think you are.  But a dirt nap because you pulled agro at the start of a fight it is a fail.)

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