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22 August 2010

Arozcaldo uncovers the Secrets of Ulduar

Yogg-Saron you Drive me crazy

I have struggled as a tank. I am stubborn.  I run content in order. 
  • Original 5 Man "Heroic's" : 19 Dec 09
  • Fall of Naxxramas : 17 Jan 10
  • The Spellweaver's Downfall : 9 Apr 10
  • The Secrets of Ulduar: 21 Aug 10
We are hopelessly overgeared.  We run most Saturday nights, averaging 3 hours per night, historically pugging the last two spots.  The raid composition changed a lot between our very first Flame Leviathan kill in April (was it that long ago?) and finally downing Yogg.

If I recall, we reset Uludar 4 times.  But we still found some bosses ... tricky.  Some bosses are designed to test a toon or two (generally tank or healer).  I still fail at kiting adds on Ignus.  Other bosses test the weakest player in the raid.  Hodir was interesting.  Yogg tested us, and mostly found us wanting.  Then we tried.  Then we won.

Many (other) people like easy progression.  I enjoy failing better than last time.  Last night we had one player with 2000 ms lag and another with 3500ms.  We fought bosses.  We fought with each other.

At the end of the day we downed Yogg with an approach of : To each according to need.  From each according to Ability.  (Despite being goblinish towards the auction house, small groups do work with a social environment). The successful Yog raid makeup was 1 tank, 2 heals, 3 Melee, 4 ranged, with only Foolich (me) taking a dirt nap towards the end of phase 3.

I take this opportunity to thank those on our run: Those that could not understand why we were failing; Those that improved (and no insanities means we did improve); Those that swapped toons and roles. It was fun.

We are now off to answer the Call of the Crusade. My prediction : the first few bosses will be easy, and the last few will feed on our tears. We will be changing some of the toons that we bring. It looks like we have an over subscription of tanks, so I will be healing on Foofixit. It will be fun.

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  1. Congratulations guys, wish I had been able to make it, TO THE CRUSADE!!


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