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22 August 2010

In Aus, Minorities Rule (Politics)

I like my politics on the front page of the paper instead of in the back rooms of unknown buildings.
Australia Votes (ABC)
Both Labor and Liberal have run a campaign based around "Don't vote for them", being very light on policy.
  • Labor's (the previous goverment) campaign was based on forgetting about what they did last term, replacing their own Prime Minsiter to do so.
  • Liberal's campain was to stop the boat people (all 2000 of them).
  • At least we knew what the S-x Party stood for (I think).
Well, the voters have listened.  With compulsory voting they voted for the other guy, with 2 new independents (now we have 5), with what looks to be 72 seats to Labor and 73 to Liberal, and we probably won't know for 2 weeks.

My apologies for bringing real life politics to WoW.  I won't do it often, but election days are ... special.
You will hear terrible things about minority governments.  The worst of which is that politicians will listen to what people want.  You will hear more about politics and politicians than you ever did before.

The campaign for the next election starts now.

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