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18 August 2010

More to raiding than ICC

I am seeing a number of ... compaints that Blizzard are not planning on releasing another raid.

For example this forum post:
Guilds generally wont do anything else, pugs wont do anything else, not even togc. Its rare you find one of those.
Ulduar forget it... Naxx... oh hell no...
All we have is one instance atm.
RS is new but doesn't really count because its really short and most pugs dont even run RS due to the low medium to high skill/communication factor needed to win. 


I am a late arival to the raiding scene.  I found that tanking was the role I failed most in 5 mans, so I made my tank Foolich my raiding toon.  I have run OS, Naxx, Ulduar in order, only repeating a few bosses, currently wiping on Yogg Saron.  I have another regular tank, never have problems getting DPS, and only occasionally have problems getting heals.  Foolich rarely does 5 man instances.

There are many players that want old raid bosses, whether they be WoLK, BC or vanilla.

We raid Saturday nights.  We have a core of raiders, semi-regulars, and usually pug one or two.  I will admit it took me a while to assemble the core raiders, with most of the group starting as pugs.  The first few runs were hit and miss, but we have raided every Saturday for a long time.  I have not stepped into ICC 10/25 at all.  I have only once stepped into TOC on any toon.

If you are only raiding ICC, its your choice.  Do you have the hard mode achievements on older instances.  Make a blues run (ilvl 200 - no epics).  Find 2 tanks, 2 heals and pugs will come.  Herding players brings it's own rewards, and you will be a better player in Cataclysm for having done so.

If you would like to join us, talk to or in game mail Foolich of Caelestrasz

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