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26 August 2010

Glyphs update

As some regulars may know, I have re-entered the glyph market full time. For a while Wek was posting my glyphs (for a fee).

My aims for glyphs are to sell 100 glyphs/day (if that is sustainable), and to have a large stockpile of inks and glyphs when Cata hits.

I was having difficulties selling glyphs, being immediately 1c undercut by Bankzoors. I responded with a 3g90 wall of 3 glyphs, 48 hours. I sold a few at this price, and was content to sit there.

Yesterday, Flagrante upped the ante and is playing monopoolist, and has bought out all my glyphs, & posting them at 50g. Bankzoors is mostly gone, probably also having been bought out. As Flagrante has an apetitite for glyphs, I am now posting glyphs in sets of 6, and a little more expensive. With Flagrante having an apparently insatiable appetite, on Alliance/Cael now is a good time to sell any oversupply you have.

I have played this game before, and previously burnt out on it. It is part of the reason that I no longer make my own inks. Last time I undercut even harder, to the point of no profit. I found it difficult to keep up with ink supplies.

This time, I have a larger stockpile of inks and smaller ambitions. Every glyph sold makes a profit.  Skillet and KTQ to craft glyphs, and Altaholic to track inventory across accounts. I use QA3 to mail glyphs to the correct toons, which helps significantly on crafting time.

In summary:  If you are on Alliance/Caelestrasz, and you have a surplus of inks or glyphs, now is a good time to sell. You do not need to be the cheapest on the AH.

And Flagrante, if you need glyphs, please mail me your requirements. I am happy to sell you as many as you want.  You know my toon names by now.

Question of the day moment: How many glyphs are consumed per week during this phase of WoW?
Some observations:
  • People buying glyphs for use include : Levelling toons, respec's and possibly for specific fights.
  • According to Wow Census, Caelestrasz has (approx) 16,000 Alliance toons (level 10+) logged in over the last 30 days.
  • Very occasionally I will sell thousands of glyphs/week  Some times I only sell 5/week.Often 20-30
  • With the introduction of a new seller that can drop down to 1-2 glyphs/week. A new heavy seller will traditionally drive the price of herbs up for a 2-3 week period before they enter the market.

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