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29 January 2010

Running Dungeons

While your doing your random dungeon daily for you respective rewards, emblems to satchels, keep in mind your guild. If your a healer or a tank and you have others in your guild around the same level group with them. They get into runs faster you get more friends and the great ( I owe you one ) benefits of having a guild that is helpful.

Now not everyone will want to group up but offer anyway, make it known you will group up.

In my guild Arozcaldo we basically have enough people to group up and fill all roles for random heroics. Foo groups with me for non-heroics upon request (and his busy-ness) as tanks are not all ways readily available.

Its good to have a guild member that knows the instances with you and with vent they can instruct you (politely) where to be what to do. This is very helpful on first time runs. I had help with Halls of stone, as it was first time I had run it and did not know what to expect. Advice on bosses and what to expect is helpful on a first run (believe me).

Now while I queue up for a random to start my day get my badges and such, after that I generally run specifics. Few reasons and one is gear another is achievement. I choose dungeons "I" can still benefit from through gear drops or if I have never run it before. I even go back to some like nexus and utgarde keep (I'm a healer need the change) and run threw there for new scenery or a "break". Always be aware your guild is there to help you and you are there to help the guild.

After I have all "I" need from dungeons at my level I go level professions for a bit or PVP or just sign up to randoms and go where needed. As I am not 80 i generally limited to what I can do for the guild, I heal on quests either by healing an 80 through it or going elemental and blasting through it. I cook buy mats, drop into guild banks my excess goods (been slack lately) and eventually plan to add about 100 gold a week to guild bank.

You gotta do what you can to keep the guild going no matter how little it seems.

Egamad of Caelestraz.

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