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23 January 2010

Healing Naked

That is what happens when you tell Foolich that healing Violet hold was too easy. You get naked and heal it. Very interesting things happened none of which interesting.

Now while I only made it to 2nd boss as tank Disconnected and everyone left, I still kept everyone up even the mage that tried to tank. IMPOSSIBLE !! you scream but it happened with what i have above and Buffs.

Of course mana was always low after each portal I had to drink. Totem sets droped me to 85% or less mana, and totem sets elemental and heroism basically forced me to drop mana tide at the start.

Now while i do not recommend this, it took my group till around the 8th portal to notice there naked healer jumping around. This alone should prove that Gear score doesn't mean everything and skill plays a big part.

As far as I'm concerned I believe it was my group as much as me, they where not over geared in any sense, some a little lower than I would have thought but overall well rounded group. Healing with no gear = very little spell power from gear (above is buffs mostly and staff which has been enchanted) low mana regen (thats with water shield on) and lower crit/hit, makes for small heals. I had to heal around 1.6 times as much as normal which cooked my mana cause the small pool and no re-gen , but VH can be healed in the above format.

Egamad of Caelestraz......another day of stupidity.

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