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19 January 2010

Nexus normal as shammy heals

This what you want to see, when you and the tank form an understanding and feed each other what you need to keep the party moving.

This was a nexus run, to get this remark from the tank it simply involved keeping him alive. However we did wipe once, in a very common place for the nexus, ...

Just after the second boss, where you walk out of his little enclave there is a group and pat. Most people take the group forget the pat and it all gets very complicated from there.

Now from the start a shamans view on the Nexus (normal).

When you get in introduce yourself, hello, hi, etc identify the tank and earth shield straight away. Water shield your shelf and make sure Earthliving weapon is buffed. You will go to the left first fairly simple from here few mobs nothing major heal through and move on. The first boss on the corridor that is covered in Ice blocks, is at around the half way mark. Most tanks and DPS take this at a good pace 2-3 people (mobs) at a time or less. If there moving to fast, your the healer tell them they stop or die (word it nicely).

Once you carve through the mobs and make your way to the first Boss in the enclave on the right, make sure to mana up before it rebuff your water shield and earthen life buffs then drink. When your ready Earth shield the tank and let everyone know its on. This fight is nothing hard its more about when and where to heal. No particular good area's to stand in so move as needed and keep your Tidal waves buff (5/5 100% chance to cause a 25% crit increase on lesser healing wave and 30% haste on healing wave) up at all times as there is some burst in there.

After a bit you will be tossed through the air bouncing around at this point re-apply Earth shield to the tank (its instant and can still be used) then Riptide (instant cast heal not overly great about 1000+ with my current gear, and the added HOT) the lowest health you can see.

Afterwards go back to a chain heal, lesser healing wave as needed style. Once he splits use Heroism (basic 30% haste all round, casting, ranged, melee all benefit) and spam whichever spell you need. Most likely you will be thrown around again so use the above method again. If your feeling up to it Drop your Fire elemental Totem Very handed for extra DPS.

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