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18 January 2010

The Resto Shaman and Dungeon Finder.

Guest post by Egamad

Dungeon finder is the best thing to happen to Wow since conjured bread.
Now don’t let that fool you it is not perfect, it doesn’t take skill into account, you could have a 5 year old playing patty cake with the keyboard as a tank and still be expected to keep the group up. It does happen.

This is what you need to know so that you can carry your team no matter there skill, after all healer is 34% tank 33% and each DPS is 11%. What you have been given, when to use it, and general tips from a leveling Resto shaman.

Few simple things to do as a Resto Shaman to make life easy, Earth shield the tank (when you have appropriate level and talents to get it), keep earthen life on your weapon at all times, its amazing how much you forget it, and last keep mana shield up this is a must have.

While spec guides are basically useless for Resto leveling they help you get an idea. I have made a raid, tank healer hybrid build as I am 71 running Northrend normals I need the chain heal boost, the earth shield, the increased healing of healing wave, and have forgone a lot of what at 80 would be a necessary talent.
Stats you want while you level?
  • Intellect is a major one, mana = health since health is your job this is great.
  • Spell power a good thing to gem for = more health per heal less mana used.
  • Critical hit is great for gems, get some hybrid spell power/crit gems and your golden, crit will trigger abilities like ancestral fortitude who doesn’t like damage reduction, less damage less healing a win win.
  • Haste is good in its own right but until higher levels 77+ you have your talents to get you there. Like tidal waves, at 5/5 you get 100% chance after a Riptide or chain heal to increase Crit (we like crit) on lesser healing wave, and adds 30% haste to your healing wave (the big heal) making it 1.8 second cast without haste buffs or gear.
  • MP5 or mana per 5 seconds is your bread and butter if your running low on mana repeatedly try find some of this, it allows mana regen while you cast similar to mana shield. After all who doesn’t love mana regen.
While there are others you should get, its very level dependant as gear stats vary with level, but this is a nice start.

Remember to buy water and food before runs, nothing worse than everyone waiting on you. With regards to drinking you may find your tank has a death wish but then again there not happy unless there is an axe/sword/hammer or spell planted in there face. You will have to do what I call battle regen. Right before the tank pulls sit and drink to regen if needed for aslong as you can/need to get mana back. The tank will live awhile without direct healing if you have your earth shield and riptide on him.

Remember tanks love to be bashed basically anywhere they can get hit, and melee DPS can be clumsy look after them, if there is another caster stand near him, if you need to heal yourself remember that chain heal can be self cast and will jump from you to more people.

Add-ons, I cannot stress enough how much easier they make life. Healbot the add-on I run is a simple click to heal add-on that makes it easier to see who is in need without having to click frame or F2, F3 the party member in need to heal them.

As always group changes everything, gear helps, skill is great, but mostly have fun, you fail , you die, so what? You have resurrections for the group and a self resurrection that you NEED to have glyphed, seriously who checks there ankhs before they run? I certainly never did.

More later, but for now if you fail, try again, change tactic, what went wrong? Don’t give up and leave, unless you’re with a tank that gets one crit killed on bosses then you’re not really in a good run. If it’s fixable fix it, if not leave it.

Look me up Egamad of Caelestrasz

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