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13 January 2010

Levelling via LFG as DPS

Ok.  The good news. DPS are likely to level quicker by LFG than by questing.  The bad news is you will be waiting much longer than either a Tank or a Healer between instances.
How to turn this into gold?

Even before LFG insta-instances there were a lot of toons that levelled their professions by auction house.  Most of their levelling mats were supplied by levelling toons that took gathering skills.
Hi end mats are currently supplied by toons questing for rep and gold farmers.
With all those levelling toons off in an instance, leaving a gap especially in mid level materials.  They go for far more than northrend materials.
Best of all - you are still likely to level faster than you can keep up your gathering, so queue for your instances gather a few nodes, instance, then queue and gather some more.
Having a bank alt will speed this aproach up a lot.  Also the following links may help:

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