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28 January 2010

Azjol-Nerub Destro Voidwalker tank??

Foo, our great guild leader always wanting to show just how far out of comfort zone we can work decided a 80 destro lock was perfect candidate to tank Azjol-Nerub on a Void.

We had 3 warlocks, 2 at 80 and 1 at 71 and me a 74 Resto shaman, later we also picked up a 80 Rogue from the guild. So 3 warlocks a rouge and a shaman cleared Azjol-Nerub, not bad with a destro locks voidwalker tanking. Now mana for me (the shaman) was a challenge to manage, and making sure I didn't pull aggro was near on impossible.

Now we have proven that it is possible to have a voidwalker (destro) and a felgaurd (demonology) tank/off tank respectively through azjol-nerub. While this is a slow option and at times healing intensive it can be done. Our Destro lock who was tanking had never even contemplated the idea of having a voidwalker tank an instance, however she did it anyway.

Personally as the healer of this experiment I liked the change of pace, however I did whinge over vent about how difficult they were to heal and how controlling the mobs was hard with a Voids limited moves.

****On a side note try keeping 3 lifetapping mana bombs alive, in the middle of a fight ****

I don't think this was a great trial run due to poisons everywhere and length of boss fights in Azjol-Nerub but still a very interesting test of what can be achieved and we did successfully clear it with only 1 wipe at the starting boss due to a bad pull that involved all mobs and boss.

As for the future of Arozcaldo's experiment runs I foresee Foo having me tanking as a shaman just for kicks, but hey I'm willing to see what I can do, and tanking on a shaman has been done before.

Egamad of Caelestraz.

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